EOY 2010 Lolita Runway

I attended a local anime/manga/cosplay convention, EOY, on Sunday. I wasn’t really interested in the cosplay part of it but a lolita fashion runway segment organised by local lolita fashion distributor Black Alice (seems like Black Alice isn’t associated with 2010’s runway) was part of the event’s highlights, so my friends and I went specially for that.

My outfit for EOY:

EOY outfit
Outfit for EOY 2010. Face is spastic, urghhhhh. I blame it on being sick!! :(

Photo credit to Shu

Blouse, JSK, Socks, Shoes: Moi meme Moitie
Choker: Suppurate System

My shoes died during the event and I walked home with soles that were falling out, LOL. Good thing the event was held relatively closer to home this time. I really like the length of this dress, you can see slightly above my knees for once! :D

On to the runway!

Video recorded and uploaded by Ivory

Some outfits were cute, like Miao’s BTSSB Fruit Tart Embroidery(?) coordinate (1:54; girl in red) and Kaixin’s Fantastic Dolly (2:35) but I found the classic lolita (start to 1:45) and gothic lolita segments (4:32 to 6:07) a disappointment. The outfits didn’t look well-thought out and a few were just plain questionable at best. It’s a runway, so I understand outfits are more dramatic and creative, but they ought to stay as accurate representations of the fashion. Otherwise, what is the point of having a lolita fashion runway to showcase the fashion?

In addition, I find including the not-so-broad sub-genres of lolita rather unwise. If you’re going to showcase mori-lolita, ero-lolita, etc, why don’t you show sailor-lolita, hime-lolita, etc too? Because there are too much to show, right?

Combining elements from other fashion styles into your day-to-day lolita outfits is alright; after all, this is a fashion, everyone’s free to wear what they like. But when you’re trying to show what something is all about, it’s probably a better idea not to stray too much from the core/base of what it is, lest it confuses your viewers. There’s too much to show in too little time.

The music choices are, as always, questionable and I found the part where the track changes (3:30) extremely awkward. To be honest, I had thought that there was a technical error, LOL. It’s not really hard and doesn’t take much time to edit and cross-fade music tracks smoothly, you know. As for the music choices, I really don’t understand why couldn’t it have been something classier or if you really wanted to be cute, couldn’t it have been something catchier to bring up the mood, such as what was used during the PMX Angelic Pretty fashion show?

That said, it was a nice effort by the runway organizer, even if there are places that could be improved on. Here’s hoping next year’s would turn out better!

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