The Other Kind of Crafty

It’s probably really evident by now but I have a bad habit of just disappearing for ages without notice. I’ve actually been up to a lot of things but nothing’s been completed yet and I do dislike posting things when they aren’t done yet, no thanks to my not-so-mild OCD.

I’m convincing myself otherwise that introduction/summary/WIP posts are better than a complete lack of posts, though! So here’s a quick look at what I’ve been up to during the past 3 weeks or so:

What I've been up to!

#1: Miniature sweets

Miniature Sweets Stuff: Clay, tools, paint

Extremely late to the bandwagon but hey, better late than never, right? I’ve always thought these things were cute but never actually bought any nor thought that I wanted any until I saw them worn as jewellery in real life. They can really complete an outfit if you’re into sweet lolita! I guess you can tell from the photo that most stuff haven’t been opened yet. ^^; Not much progress on this yet, unfortunately! I’ve yet to find suitable molds. Hopefully, I’ll get started soon though!

#2: Knitting

Knitting: Yarn & Needles

During the most recent lolita meet with my friends, Alanna‘s purchase of yarn and needles reminded me of how I have always wanted to pick up knitting but just never got around to it. Yesterday, I happened to be within proximity of a Daiso and decided to finally try. Not knowing what to expect, I simply bought yarn that I liked and the corresponding recommended size of the knitting needles.

After sitting through tutorials and videos at home, it came to my realization that it is really not recommended to begin with fluffy thin yarn because you can hardly see your loops and stitches, let alone count. I can’t get past the casting-on stage because of this. orz Thus, I will be returning to Daiso soon to purchase thicker yarn and hopefully, have an easier time after that, LOL.

#3: Baking

Cookbook for popular sweets!

Aside from miniature sweets, I’ve also been trying my hand at making real sweets! This book is really cute and teaches how to make popular desserts, such as raspberry sponge cake, vanilla chiffon cake, chocolate pudding and other varieties of cakes and cookies!

A page from the cookbook (Sponge Cake recipe!). There are a lot of pictures, so it's good for beginners in baking like me.

I tried the sponge cake recipe and while it didn’t rise much due to my lack of expertise in folding flour as well as insufficient beating of the eggs and sugar, it actually tasted pretty good. Hopefully my baked goodies will improve once I get an electric mixer! Doing it by hand is quite… suicidal. ^^;;;

And that concludes most of the crafty things I’ve been up to lately! What sort of crafty things have you been up to? :3

3 thoughts on “The Other Kind of Crafty”

  1. All the best to all 3 activities!
    I tried crocheting, but I can’t figure out a bajillion number of things. Perhaps I should also accompany you buy thicker yarn and stuff. Maybe I wouldn’t fail so badly then XD
    “Doing it by hand is quite… suicidal. ^^;;;”

    1. Thanks! I just hope there’ll be progress in some way or another in at least one of the activities. XD;


  2. omg knitting!! my housemate taught me how to knit last year and I survived 5 rows of a scarf before messing up :x I dont think I remember how to do it anymore though ): It was good stress relief!

    good luck on all activities!! <3

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