Lolita Wardrobe 2011

Did this a few days ago for the LiveJournal egl community’s January theme, which was Wardrobe Posts!

Sorry about the weird lighting in some of the pictures; it’s been raining almost non-stop for a few days and my home is really dark.

I’m in the midst of a style shift from classic to gothic and I like wearing ETC for casual/otome-kei wear AND the occasional sweet-till-idk-what-i-was-thinking stuff, so the stuff in my wardrobe end up looking rather ‘mixed’. ^^;; I don’t know how to classify what sort of loli I am because of this (I like a bit of everything!), but I think what matters more is that one wears what they like instead of sticking steadfastly to a certain style just because anyway. (of course, there’s nothing wrong if you are completely happy sticking to just one style!)


I’m not really an OP type of person because I find them not very versatile and sleeve width is occasionally an issue for me, so I mostly own JSKs.

MM Mille Rose JSK, Moitie Chiffon Rose JSK
Wardrobe Post

AP Sugary Carnival JSK, Emikyu Alice Garden JSK
Wardrobe Post

The AP JSK is the most expensive thing ever in my wardrobe. I kept convincing myself that I didn’t like it enough to spend an obscene amount of money on it but those damn ponies just kept haunting and wouldn’t leave me alone. I even ended up spending another disgusting amount of money on the matching headbow after that. <___< But I guess I still like it in the end, lol.

Moitie Lace JSK, Moitie Cage OP
Wardrobe Post

BTSSB Koitsukihime Stained Glass Angel JSK, IW Birdcage Angel JSK
Wardrobe Post

The BTSSB JSK is the holy grail of my wardrobe. This Koitsukihime collaboration is just so gorgeous I don’t know where to start! I love it to death and everytime I see a photo of it, I just fall in love all over again. ♥♥♥ I want to own the skirt and the empire-waist OP someday too. :3c

Emikyu Ducklings JSK (not with me now, so using an old picture for Poupee)


I generally like skirts more than dresses but I’m surprised to find that I actually have fewer skirts than dresses!

Atelier Pierrot Corset Skirt, VM Crown Logo Skirt
Wardrobe Post

Emikyu Cake Deco Skirt, AP Ichigo Mille Feuille Skirt, Emikyu Cookie Skirt
Wardrobe Post

Emikyu Toeshoes Embroidery Skirt (not with me now too)


This is the part of the wardrobe that I seriously, seriously took AGES to build. =A=;; Maybe I’m just too picky but I really find that it’s just so hard to find blouses that flatter yet match most stuff. orz

Moitie Blouse I, MM Belle Doll(?) Blouse, Moitie Blouse II
Wardrobe Post

Yeah, I have two of the same blouse, lol. The polyester one is too sheer for my liking so I wear it underneath dresses. I wear the cotton(?) one with skirts because it’s stiffer so it gives better shape and more importantly, because it’s more modest XD I don’t wear the MM blouse anymore though… so I might sell it.

Moitie Blouse, AP Merry-Go-Round Lace Blouse (not pictured with the tri-colored brooch that comes with it)
Wardrobe Post

You can’t really tell here but the lace on the AP blouse matches the lace on the Sugary Carnival JSK! I didn’t buy it to match the JSK (just really liked the pony lace), so it was a surprise when I realized that it’s exactly the same. ^__^

Moitie cutsews
Wardrobe Post

Excentrique corsets
Wardrobe Post

I can’t express my love enough for Excentrique corsets. *__* They cinch well enough but are actually rather comfortable. The one on the left was a chance!!1 find at Closet Child when I was in Japan. Even though it’s too big for me (size 3), I couldn’t resist. :x

Head Stuff/Accessories/Bags/Misc

I only took a picture of the strictly lolita stuff because if I were to include the rest, there would be too many to list! Excuse my duck’s cameo here; no better way to show the two headbows!

Clockwise from left: Triple Fortune bonnet (which you can’t see -_-; better picture here), Moitie headbow, AP Ichigo-chan plastic kachusha, MM Rosette headdress (bordeaux), off-brand find, MM Rosette headdress (milky pink), handmade gift from a friend, BTSSB Yura Yura combs, AP Sugary Carnival kachusha
Wardrobe Post

I love MM’s Rosette headdresses. I’m not even kidding when I say I want to own one in every colorway there is. :x

Clockwise from left: BTSSB Rose Shoe Clips, Suppurate System Rose Rosario Choker, AP Sleeve Stoppers, Moitie Candelabra Lace Choker, MM Lace Choker
Wardrobe Post

VM Lace Choker (not with me)

AP Mini Lesson Bag, BTSSB Usakumya Mini Rucks, Off-brand (Naraya), Off-brand
Wardrobe Post

BTSSB Usakumya-chan Hand Puppet (won from a recent tea party!)
usakumya hand puppet

Clockwise from top: IW Heart Scallop Parasol (metal handle version), Moitie parasol, Metamorphose Antique Crown parasol
Wardrobe Post

+ BTSSB Frill Parasol in white (not with me and no picture of it!)

Moitie Ankle Lace-up Pumps, everything else off-brand
Wardrobe Post

I don’t have a lot of loliable shoes now because I just threw out a few pairs that are really worn out. These are the surviving ones (though the Moitie pair is dead too… would it be a sin to discard them? XD;).

Stuff that I’m expecting

And… I forgot to take a picture of socks! Oops. It’s not very interesting, so there’s no loss anyway!

What’s your wardrobe like? Point me to your wardrobe posts if you had made one; I would love to have a peek too! :D

5 thoughts on “Lolita Wardrobe 2011”

  1. Wow your wardrobe is so beautiful ! That white Moitie JSK is to die for *-*
    And I know what you feel about blouses, it seens that I never like one enough to buy it; that or the ones I really like are always too small or too big for me and I end up selling them ;-;

    1. Thank you!! The Moitie JSK is definitely one of the dresses I find hardest to part with too ^^

      Yeah, I find that blouses really need to fit just right in order to flatter best and it’s so hard to find one like that! I’ve ended up selling a few too because of that. >__<

  2. AHAHA IHATECHOO you’re expecting the flocky rose JSK?? *_* Must post pics!!
    The Alice Garden JSK is so cute! And totally wearable <3 <3

    1. Yep, and I’ve received it already! It’s beautiful ♥ Definitely a keeper *__*

      The Alice Garden JSK is possibly one of the most-worn pieces in my wardrobe, LOL. :D

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