The Doll Affair 2011

As mentioned in the post earlier, I attended The Doll Affair, an annual event organised by ball jointed dolls (BJD) enthusiasts for fellow BJD enthusiasts, last Saturday. The event was held at the Singapore Conference Hall this year, as opposed to Suntec City Convention Halls where it was held in previous years.

The number of booths this year seems fewer than previous years’ but I can’t be sure since I didn’t exactly count. ^^; After all, the larger venue area could be a reason why it felt that way to me. There was a very spacious resting/mingling area for attendees where they were able to sit and chat too.

Okay, less talk, more pictures!

My friends' booth, Clockwork Forest!

The other side of Clockwork Forest

Angel Candy Rock
Memories' Play House - Lots of cute stuff here! :D
Memories' Play House - I'm really loving that MacBook! ♥
Lavenderlilz Inc. - Very lovely display!
Lavenderlilz Inc. - The dresses and girls are so pretty!
(m):Bellished - So cuteeeee. I want a Lin too! :(

Even though I didn’t really go there with the intention to spend, I ended up spending a fair bit at TDA. orz On the up side, everyone in the doll family gets something!

Tops for the boys, dress set for Shigure, accessories and new eyes for Kanae

The miniature sweets are so cute! I’m not one for such things at all but when I saw the roll cakes, choux puffs and mille feuille, I really couldn’t resist. I had a bit of a nonsensical little debate with Teresa over which sweets to get (and possibly amused the booth owner at the same time with my ridiculous reasoning) but eventually ended up with just these due to budget constraints. They are very well-crafted, so do pay Atelier Dolle a visit if you would like one too! :)

I had a lot of fun out that day with the girls and I’m looking forward to the next The Doll Affair!

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