I Can Has Gothic Arch?!

Oh yes, I can! >:D

Moi meme Moitie's Gothic Arch skirt (white x black)

I have to admit that I wasn’t a big fan of the Gothic Arch print in the beginning and I didn’t become one until I realised that the white colorway exists. The details are just so much more apparent and easier to appreciate when it’s black on white. :D

The details...!!

4 thoughts on “I Can Has Gothic Arch?!”

  1. yun’er: Yes, it is!! Hahaha, maybe when I can think of how I would like to wear it :D

    Ivory: Thank you!!! I’m super relieved it arrived safely despite the mild drama D:

    Shu: Thank you!! It’s not as much a ‘dream print’ as some others *cough* but it certainly is something I never thought I would have :3

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