My Guilty Pleasure: Jill Stuart & Blushers

Obviously, someone thought Japan was not bank-breaking enough. To my defense, not all of those are mine!

When I was in Japan, I wasn’t able to visit the NARS counters despite having the intention to due to time constraint. I did manage to visit one of the Jill Stuart stores and returned with the following:

Top: Brocade Gold, Bottom: Sweet Amethyst

I haven’t used Sweet Amethyst yet and Brocade Gold only once thus far but if BG was anything to go by, Jill Stuart eyeshadows are pigmented enough for even the light pink to show on my tanned skin. ^^

And now, my new stuff!

Clockwise from top: Jill Stuart Blush Blossom, NARS Blush, Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact

Yes, my obsession with blushers is never-ending.

Mix Blush Compact in Sprouting Joy

Sprouting Joy is from the Jill Stuart 2012 Spring Collection and is a limited edition color. You can’t see it here but instead of the usual plain crystal case for the regular editions of the Mix Blush Compact, the cover of the compact is floral-patterned in a similar fashion as the box it comes in. I wasn’t intending to get this initially but the one I wanted was out of stock. Oh well, I guess having an orangey blush would be nice too, especially since I don’t have one. The colors do look very fresh!

Blush Blossom in Pure Magnolia

Blush Blossom in Pure Magnolia is also part of the 2012 Spring Collection and I originally wanted to purchase this when I was in Japan. Unfortunately, the Spring Collection would only be released from 13 January onwards and I would have returned to Singapore by then. However, my brother would be returning to Singapore from Hong Kong after the 13th for Chinese New Year, so I asked him for a favor, hee.

I haven’t tried the blush yet but I’m really attracted to the soft pink and peach. The hair of the brush that comes with it is also really soft, in fact, softer than the one attached to the Mix Blush Compact. The blush still looks a bit hard to use to me, what with the screen and all, but I hope I get the hang of it soon!

NARS Orgasm

I’ve heard so much about this that I really wanted to try it! Granted, it’s also because in the past, I was using something from a mineral makeup company that claimed that the shade was very similar to this and it had worked well on me. Made me want to try the real deal!

And lastly, an unexpected novelty gift!

Jill By Jill Stuart eau de toilette

I was so excited when my brother took this out of the bag, LOL. It seems that Jill Stuart has only released 3 types of fragrances so far and I must admit that this one wasn’t my favorite when I tested all 3 in the store in Japan (my personal favorite was Night Jewel). It does still smell pleasant, if a little strong. Disclaimer though, I’m someone who prefers really light fragrances, otherwise I get headaches. This 4ml perfume spray bottle comes with a handy little funnel that you can use during refills too!

I can’t wait to start using them all! (≧ω≦)

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