020512: Boys, boys, boys!

Dolls, that is.

At the beginning of May, I had a doll meet with Ivory and Teresa at TCC @ Circular Road because our big boys just came home!

Minato (& Natsumi), Masaki, Yuuya

Most doll meets are probably a lot more productive than ours; ours usually goes in this order: Eat, set up the dolls on the table, laze and chat. But! It was different this time, we actually took pictures! With the big cameras! LOL

Minato (my Volks Amelia)
Masaki (Ivory's Luts Quintus)
Yuuya (T's Infinitidoll Daniel)

The stars were supposed to be the boys but somehow…

…I seem to have a lot more photos of this little hyperactive girl instead. She may look like this:

But actually, she’s like this:

that girl is a nomster, n-n-n-nomster~ she ate my cake, she a-a-ate my cake

Had a great time just lazing about and relaxing with friends! ♥

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