Doll Wishlist

These days, I guess I’m really more in a doll phase than a lolita one, probably because I’ve gained so much weight that I don’t fit them well anymore, LOL. /fail

So anyway, this is my doll wishlist for 2013 that I put up on Flickr at the beginning of the year! :D

2013 Doll Wishlist


1. Volks Michele: I REALLY like Michele. That makes me as unique as about half the doll owners out there, I guess, but I really do. T___T She is to be Hermes’ partner in my 鏡花水月 side of the dolls, i.e. the ones with no background story and dress in ‘otherworldly’ clothes.

2. Enchanted Doll eyes in Milky #9. Or actually, this is really more a placeholder for more eyes in general, in particular gold eyes for Maki, Kazama and Hibiki. I have (unintentionally planned) a family of gold-eyed boys with the exception of Minato. :’D I shall not even bother thinking about Dollflower eyes, really, because that would just take forever.

I’m on the way to achieving part of this, hopefully, because I’ve just placed an order for Milky #9 for Maki, and ED #18 for Kazama! ED #18 is not gold but I wanted to try copper red for Kazama first. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll go back to the original plan of gold eyes for him.

3. Switch Chocolate wig in Caramel Brown in 9-10″. I managed to get the 8-9″ but it very very sadly doesn’t fit Minato, much to my utmost dismay. Sobbity sob. I would also like one in Sugar Black 9-10″ for Hibiki.


1. Volks Suiseiseki: The current top choice for my Popteen!Cute Girl. Unless I can find someone else that I like more, it’s probably going to be her.

2. Volks Maki Tsuyoshi: This is one of those If I Strike Lottery or When I Have Some Extra Cash Laying Around type of wishlist item. This is to be modded into Maki’s SWD version. ♥

There are actually a lot more things I want, of course, but they don’t exist so no images, lol. They are mainly clothes and accessories and a lot of other things for Rie.

All images belong to their respective owners – Volks, Switch, turbow@Flickr, myself.


While most of these items still remain in my wishlist, there are now even more stuff that I’d like to get. -__-;

1. Volks SDGr Belle
2. Switch HMD57 D-cup body
3. Volks Airy Wolf wig

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