“What are you thankful for this past year?”

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TAG Rules:
The end of the year is a time when many people take a moment to reflect on the past year. In your “doll life” what are five things you are thankful for?
If you would like to play this tag game, please take a photo of one of your favourite dolls, list five doll-related things you are thankful for, and also tag the person who tagged you along with at least five additional people :)


1. Volks Michele! I’ve wanted one for years but the price tag always stopped me. I’ve lost count of how many auctions I’ve watched and/or lost -___-;; Last month, though, I finally managed to win her for a slightly more reasonable price! It’s a bit of a pity that I’ll be wiping the faceup (I always feel bad wiping default faceups…) but she really needs one that suits her better.

2. Getting suitable eyes for Tsuyoshi, Kazama and Hibiki. I’m so picky about their eye color, so I’m glad the ED eyes I ordered for the first two worked out so well. @_@ Must really thank all the owners who shared so many pictures of the eyes they ordered, because they were really useful reference when I was deciding which color to get. I also managed to get some suitable clothes and wigs for Rie this year, so I’m super pleased about that. ^_____^

3. Singapore Doll Carnival 2013. After The Doll Affair died/on indefinite hiatus???, there hasn’t been anymore local doll conventions. I was still very new to dolls during TDA times so I didn’t get to really enjoy it as a doll owner. However, going to HKDP the past couple of years have made me really enjoy the atmosphere of a doll convention! It’s great looking at everyone’s beautiful dolls that I wouldn’t have an opportunity to see otherwise.

More importantly, it let me have an opportunity to finally try having a booth, i.e. the birth of anemone, my small little brand for handmade dolly stuff. I also got to meet a few other local doll owners in person, so that was really great. :)

4. More doll friends! I think having people around you interested in the same thing helps a lot to keep the interest alive. It’s also more fun and less lonely when there are people who understand what you’re saying and don’t think you’re weird to be into dolls to share your joy with. That’s why looking at everyone’s pictures on Flickr and Instagram makes me very happy.

5. No doll drama in my life. I’ve had enough of drama from past hobbies (well, just that one, actually), so I’m glad there’s no such rubbish happening within my time in this hobby!

I know I haven’t updated for half a year XD;; I have a few big things that I should be writing about, hopefully I’ll update with those soon. 8D;;;

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