Biiiig Overall Update???

Hiiii, I know I haven’t updated in forever. I tried and I have so many half-written drafts about so many different things but yeah, I never completed them. :x So I’m just going to be reeeeally lazy and do a point-form update dump, which is mostly just new dolls, hurhur. |D;; I’ve updated the doll family page to reflect all the new dollies and newer (hopefully nicer) photographs of them too, yay. But the notable changes are mainly:

  • Shigure has a beautiful new faceup from Caroline of Viridian House! I loooooove her with the new faceup so much ♥ It’s to the extent that she’s taking over Natsumi as my favorite Yo… (/_\)Shigure
  • Rie now has gorgeous custom eyes from Enchanted Doll! I love them in her so much. ♥Rie
  • She also has a sleepy version, courtesy of Volks’ release of an official Okita Souji Romantic Glance version early this year. I won the full doll in the Volks lottery and appropriately received the winning email while I was in Tenshi no Mado in March, hehe. I really need to get her a new faceup because the default is so manly. :( Speaking of which, I’m also a little torn between sending Rie for a new faceup or not…Rie & SwD Rie
  • Kazama’s elder twin brother, Makoto, who was supposed to exist only in name has been brought to life through a Volks Saitou Hajime. :x Although they are supposed to be identical twins, I’ve never liked the thought of getting another Genji because I wasn’t sure if I could love both of them sufficiently. As it is now, I’m already not playing much with Kazama (though it could really just be due to his body having the terrible kicky old knees). However, if it’s a different sculpt altogether, I’m a lot more open to the idea of getting a Makoto. I was kinda undecided over whether or not to get Saitou, but then I saw owner pictures with custom faceup and thought he could really look like Kazama (Genji), so I decided to try for him when I saw a Saitou head at a reasonable price. :)Makoto
    On second thought though, I guess he does look more like a Ryoya than Genji but it’s not something I’m too bothered about. I’m sure that with a custom faceup, he can look similar enough to Genji!
  • Ayame got a new body! She’s no longer on the SD13 but on a Little Monica Harmony B body now. ^___^ Aside from the Leeke Bijou I used to own (my first BJD, btw), the LM body is the only non-Volks doll I’ve ever owned. It’s sooooo much lighter than a Volks body! @___@ Makes it a lot easier to handle.Ayame on LM Harmony B
    The body silhouette is beautiful, especially the legs, and the body is very stable too, even after changing the feet to high-heeled feet. The only gripes I have with it is that my girl can’t tilt her head upwards; she can only turn from side to side. The elbow joint also can’t fold all that much, unlike the SDGr body, though still better than the SD13. LM also doesn’t have option hands for the Harmony girl body as of now.
  • I managed to get one of my wishlist dolls some time back! Late last year, I think?? ^^;;; Who is she, you say? It’s a Volks Michele! Her name is Chitose/千歳. :DDDChitose / Volks Michele
    I haven’t played with her much at all despite her being a super wishlist dolly, because I haven’t managed to give her a custom faceup yet. ;___; I’ve been trying to get a slot with the faceup artist but I never seem to be able to score a slot in the email lottery, and I’ve been trying for almost a year already… And well, now she’s closed indefinitely .____. Maybe it’s a sign that I need to find another artist. -___-;;;; She’s wearing the ED eyes (Milky #10) I won in the ED photo contest early this year. ^^ She’s supposed to have purple eyes but I’m not sure if this pair is a little too light, and I can’t really judge until she has a custom faceup too. T_T

Mmhmm, these are most of the dolly things I’ve been up to this year. Which isn’t much, right? Haha. Well, that’s because I’ve been pretty busy with school, no thanks to final year projects. If you still remember my booth anemone from SGDC last year, we just had the second installation a week ago. We won Best Booth Display! ;) I’ll write about that again some time later… Hahaha. :x

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