Happy (belated) Birthday, Tsuyoshi!

It seems like I only take proper shots (read: non-Instagram shots) of dolls when it’s something important. With Tsuyoshi, he doesn’t even make it into my IG on a semi-regular basis, despite him being my absolute favorite. A few months ago on 29 January, I finally took one of him because it was his birthday, lol.

Happy Birthday, Tsuyoshi!I find that this sculpt is really hard to take photos of… I have no problem ‘bonding’ with him because I love his features very much and I can’t even imagine selling him away, but I just can’t seem to take good pictures of him. It’s always the same old angle and that’s kinda really boring? I also have no idea how I want to style him, even though he’s been with me for a few years… He’s been in this outfit since forever, LOL. *sigh*

I’m also still on the quest for the perfect wig for him. His hair is supposed to look like Maki’s in the following manga cover, in the same color and style:

Himitsu #11

While the color is common, the style isn’t. There are many short wigs with a long tapered tail but it’s that puffy fringe that’s the real problem here. Synthetic fibre just doesn’t sit that way…

Another example of the hairstyle as sported by hyde in Lies & Truth PV:

Hyde: Lies & TruthTsuyoshi’s wearing a DollMart wig in the top photo. The general puffy tapered shape is right but sometimes it sits weirdly on him. I have no idea if it’s because his head is on the smaller end. The color is too different too; the blonde is too light. When I tried a darker shade of the same wig on him, it looked like this:

Happy Birthdaym Tsuyoshi! (2014)I think it looks alright? It’s perhaps the closest to what I’ve been looking for that I’ve found. Recently, I managed to procure a Switch Chocolate Cut for him too:

Tsuyoshi in Chocolate CutHe looks rather different just with a wig change, doesn’t he? XD But this is also very different from the intended style. oTL I have one more wig for him coming in in my next Taobao order. Fingers crossed that it’ll work!

BJD Wishlist 2015

BJD Wishlist 2015

  1. Volks Konoe Ryoya: I used to really dislike this sculpt but lately grew to like him, surprisingly! Well, as long as his jaw is not obvious and he does not look like Gackt, haha. My plans for him are huge! I’ve already bought outfits for him and settled all the background/setting and stuff for this character. XD Little hint: He’s modeled after a certain Shinsuke.
  2. Volks Sui/Souseiseki: Still after her after so long… Her price is always just absurd, and it’s not like Volks would ever re-release her, since she’s a Rozen Maiden collaboration and all. I can’t quite bring myself to pay that kinda cash when she was released so long ago. :(
  3. Volks Maki Tsuyoshi: Yes, one more Maki head :x Volks has released SDGr Kei who’s a Maki ‘dupe’ but it’s just not him…………. /picky
  4. Unoa Zero: Order has been placed, YAY! It’s just great timing that Alchemic Labo decided to release the Zero girls again after the last order period in 2012, this time in Fresh Skin. It’s been a few months since the order, so I hope I’ll be receiving them next month in May, as written on the Unoa Freak 3 order chit.
  5. Volks Mamu: She’s supposed to be the last of my Yo seasons, Winter-chan. As always with what I like, Mamu also commands a pretty high price… Now that even Hinata has been re-released (in White Skin), I hope Volks will re-release Mamu again since it’s been a few years since the 2nd Makeup Version.
  6. Not listed: Bodies and faceups -A- this can just 随缘吧 |D;; Great news is that one of the artists I’ve been hoping to send my boys to ever since Geniever stopped taking faceup commissions will be re-opening faceup commissions in the next few months! I have so many boys I would like to send: Makoto (Saitou), Gin (Switch Soseo), Tsuyoshi (Maki) and of course Ryoya if I get him in time, LOL.