“What are you thankful for this past year?”

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The end of the year is a time when many people take a moment to reflect on the past year. In your “doll life” what are five things you are thankful for?
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1. Volks Michele! I’ve wanted one for years but the price tag always stopped me. I’ve lost count of how many auctions I’ve watched and/or lost -___-;; Last month, though, I finally managed to win her for a slightly more reasonable price! It’s a bit of a pity that I’ll be wiping the faceup (I always feel bad wiping default faceups…) but she really needs one that suits her better.

2. Getting suitable eyes for Tsuyoshi, Kazama and Hibiki. I’m so picky about their eye color, so I’m glad the ED eyes I ordered for the first two worked out so well. @_@ Must really thank all the owners who shared so many pictures of the eyes they ordered, because they were really useful reference when I was deciding which color to get. I also managed to get some suitable clothes and wigs for Rie this year, so I’m super pleased about that. ^_____^

3. Singapore Doll Carnival 2013. After The Doll Affair died/on indefinite hiatus???, there hasn’t been anymore local doll conventions. I was still very new to dolls during TDA times so I didn’t get to really enjoy it as a doll owner. However, going to HKDP the past couple of years have made me really enjoy the atmosphere of a doll convention! It’s great looking at everyone’s beautiful dolls that I wouldn’t have an opportunity to see otherwise.

More importantly, it let me have an opportunity to finally try having a booth, i.e. the birth of anemone, my small little brand for handmade dolly stuff. I also got to meet a few other local doll owners in person, so that was really great. :)

4. More doll friends! I think having people around you interested in the same thing helps a lot to keep the interest alive. It’s also more fun and less lonely when there are people who understand what you’re saying and don’t think you’re weird to be into dolls to share your joy with. That’s why looking at everyone’s pictures on Flickr and Instagram makes me very happy.

5. No doll drama in my life. I’ve had enough of drama from past hobbies (well, just that one, actually), so I’m glad there’s no such rubbish happening within my time in this hobby!

I know I haven’t updated for half a year XD;; I have a few big things that I should be writing about, hopefully I’ll update with those soon. 8D;;;


When I saw the first sneak preview of Volks’ HTDP7 limited SDs, I knew I was doomed. I mean, look at that face!!

Volks HTDP7 SDGr Belle
Volks HTDP7 SDGr Belle

She’s sooooo gorgeous. ;__; Something that sets her apart from the rest of the usual Volks girl sculpts is that her eyes are on the smaller end. It’s a little less anime-ish and in my opinion, lends an air of realism to the sculpt. I’m usually not that fond of teeth on my dolls too but it looks really cute on Belle!

Volks SDGr Belle

I think the part that captured my heart in an instant is how Belle looks like such a gentle lady, all refined and elegant and yet still retains the spirit and liveliness of a young girl. (Okay, I’m waxing lyrical here, I know, lol) As Belle is part of the Dream Nights series, the sculpt design leans more towards the Caucasian look instead of prominent Asian features like the Echoes of a Beautiful Banquet SDs. This is probably part of the reason why I like Belle so much too; she looks like a halfie! I do think that a lot of my dolls look like halfies. XD

As she wasn’t part of my doll plans and my finances were tight due to the fact that I’ve gone back to school and do not have a source of income anymore, I was hesitant about bringing her back home. In the end, I caved and I’m glad I did, because she’s even more stunning in person!

This is her temporary look because I haven’t decided on her personality and style yet. I’m not even sure what her position in the family is, LOL. She may end up being Minato’s girlfriend but it’s all still in the works! I’m glad this wig looks really good on her because it’s too big on Rie. XD; (idk why I bought 9-10″ when I know Rie is really a 8-9″…) I also changed her eyes to 18mm’s because I think it makes her look more doe-like. Normally, I’m not really impressed by Volks default faceups but I think Volks really outdid themselves this time round with Belle. Her faceup is beautiful! I’m happy to keep her faceup as it is for now until I’ve fleshed out her character enough to decide if it still suits her.

Belle is technically my third SD girl since Hermes is my second, but she is indefinitely out of commission because I’m still using her as a faceup experiment, LOL. So you can say that Belle is my only SD girl other than Rie, and compared to Rie, Belle’s head is a lot bigger!

Left: Volks SDGr Belle || Right: Volks SDGr Okita Souji II

I guess this means that they can’t always share wigs (kachink…) T____T But it also means that if one of them can’t wear a certain wig, at least someone else can put it to use, so it’s not a complete waste of money, hurhur.

I haven’t decided on her name yet (though I’m leaning towards Ayame), but for now, please meet my Belle! ♥

My lovely Belle

My BJD Idol: AUC

You know how in every hobby, there are some people who are just so darn good at what they do and they garner lots and lots of fans? It’s the same in the BJD hobby; some people are just amazing at their doll styling, or painting face-ups, or sewing and crafting doll clothes and accessories, sometimes all of the above. If you ask who my BJD idols are, AUC is definitely one of them.

AUC aki unoa collection

Her dolls and creations are the very definition of ‘viewing pleasure’. The girls are so princess-y and dainty without being over the top, and the prop crafting is almost god-like. Her doll-sized vanity table and cosmetics make me want to weep in shame at my lack of talent. Her face-ups are also to die for. If I want a Unoa (which I do), it’s entirely because of her.

Recently, she was involved in a collaboration with Alchemic Labo where the default wigs of the Fairy skin Unoa Zeros were designed by her, and the sets also featured photographs of Unoa Zeros customized by her. I’d imagine it to be such a dream and honour to be able to work with a company that you’ve been a fan of for a long time! (I’m taking the liberty to assume that she is a fan, since she does own and make stuff for Unoas!)

Unoa Zero Fairy Skin Preorder Details in Dollybird 17
Unoa Zero Fairy Skin Preorder Details in Dollybird 17
(Image credit: gamekitty@Flickr)
AUC & Himekazura Wig Collaboration
AUC & Himekazura Wig Collaboration

In essence, she can paint gorgeous face-ups, craft detailed backgrounds and props, sew stunning clothes with matching accessories, and make beautiful doll wigs. So amazing, right? I’d like to become as good, or at least somewhere near, someday.

Doll Wishlist

These days, I guess I’m really more in a doll phase than a lolita one, probably because I’ve gained so much weight that I don’t fit them well anymore, LOL. /fail

So anyway, this is my doll wishlist for 2013 that I put up on Flickr at the beginning of the year! :D

2013 Doll Wishlist


1. Volks Michele: I REALLY like Michele. That makes me as unique as about half the doll owners out there, I guess, but I really do. T___T She is to be Hermes’ partner in my 鏡花水月 side of the dolls, i.e. the ones with no background story and dress in ‘otherworldly’ clothes.

2. Enchanted Doll eyes in Milky #9. Or actually, this is really more a placeholder for more eyes in general, in particular gold eyes for Maki, Kazama and Hibiki. I have (unintentionally planned) a family of gold-eyed boys with the exception of Minato. :’D I shall not even bother thinking about Dollflower eyes, really, because that would just take forever.

I’m on the way to achieving part of this, hopefully, because I’ve just placed an order for Milky #9 for Maki, and ED #18 for Kazama! ED #18 is not gold but I wanted to try copper red for Kazama first. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll go back to the original plan of gold eyes for him.

3. Switch Chocolate wig in Caramel Brown in 9-10″. I managed to get the 8-9″ but it very very sadly doesn’t fit Minato, much to my utmost dismay. Sobbity sob. I would also like one in Sugar Black 9-10″ for Hibiki.


1. Volks Suiseiseki: The current top choice for my Popteen!Cute Girl. Unless I can find someone else that I like more, it’s probably going to be her.

2. Volks Maki Tsuyoshi: This is one of those If I Strike Lottery or When I Have Some Extra Cash Laying Around type of wishlist item. This is to be modded into Maki’s SWD version. ♥

There are actually a lot more things I want, of course, but they don’t exist so no images, lol. They are mainly clothes and accessories and a lot of other things for Rie.

All images belong to their respective owners – Volks, Switch, turbow@Flickr, myself.


While most of these items still remain in my wishlist, there are now even more stuff that I’d like to get. -__-;

1. Volks SDGr Belle
2. Switch HMD57 D-cup body
3. Volks Airy Wolf wig

Renewal of Shigure

Back in 2009 when I first got into the BJD hobby, my very first doll was a Leekeworld-D Bijou whom I had named Shigure. I had a lot of fun posing and taking pictures of her, and I do believe that she helped me improve my photography.

A little after 3 years now, as my doll family expanded exponentially, it became increasingly apparent that I wasn’t playing with her anymore. I still liked the doll character and name Shigure, but it was clear that I preferred playing with Natsumi my other tinies more. I deliberated over it for a while but I finally decided to put my Bijou up for sale on the DoA marketplace. There wasn’t any interest for over 2 months but at last, someone who was willing to adopt her came forward. While I’m sad to see her go, I know I would prefer that she be given more love and attention by someone else.

This remains my favorite picture of her:

Shigure (September 14, 2009)

Byebye, Bijou. >___<

This is not the end of Shigure, however!

Renewed: Shigure // December 7, 2012

Meet the new Shigure, now a Volks YoSD Kanon! ^___^ There’s nothing I can say about her besides SOOOO CUTEEEEEE. I bought her just a while before Volks announced that they would be re-releasing Neon and Kanon. While I think the price I paid was very reasonable during the period when the re-release hadn’t been announced, I’m still a little -___- over it. Never mind, at least I got her cute default ponytail wig too! …which stains, by the way. ^^; This is why I like light-colored wigs more…

I’m still pondering on who to send her to for a faceup, but more importantly, because Kanon looks a lot younger than Bijou, the planned ages among my tinies are now a little messed up, LOL. She actually looks younger than Natsumi and Midori, and that’s strange because Shigure is supposed to be the eldest! ^^;

L-R: Shigure (V Kanon), Midori (V Hinata), Natsumi (V Lin)