Welcome Home, Kanae! ♥

Kanae came home yesterday from her new face-up! I’ll let pictures do the talking. ♥

Her face-up is actually pinker in real life but because my lamp gives off a strong orange light, I had to do some color correction.

Anyway, words really can’t express how pleased I am with her face-up! I was sure that Volks Okita II would make a wonderful girl, which was why I got her but I have to admit that even so, the outcome really exceeded my expectations. ^___^

s e c r e t

Teresa‘s lovely InfinitiDoll SID13 girl body arrived a while ago! Curious ol’ me demanded that she bring it over for me to ogle at and let Kanae try it.

s e c r e t
secret II

The body is really nice and sexy, but unfortunately, it seems like Kanae’s head is just a tad too big for the proportions to be balanced. I suppose this means she really is stuck with her SD13 body. Perhaps if I send it for blushing, it’ll look sexier. XD


Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph my lone rolling doll head, a yet-to-be-named Volks Okita Souji II, on a SD13 girl body that was generously lent to me by SassyStrawberry. She even lent me a beautiful dress for it! *__*

The results:

I love these shades of peach and pink!
Closer to my usual color palette of choice

I don’t think I photographed her very well since it’s really my first time properly doing so, so I haven’t exactly grasped her angles yet. I had some fun experimenting with the post-processing though! This is definitely one of my most colorful sets to date, haha. (even though it’s quite monotonous with the peaches and pinks :3;; )

In any case, my original purpose in borrowing the SD13G body was to see if I liked the proportions of the head to the body. While most, if not all, of the V Okita II girls I’ve seen were propped onto SD16 bodies, it always seems to me that the proportions looked really elongated, and it just didn’t gel with the image I want of this girl.

When I tested the head on the body, nothing really stuck out to me, except perhaps her head was a little long in comparison. This head has a pretty high forehead in my opinion, haha. Once you put the wig on, however, everything looks okay, so it’s all good! :D