…so. I have reached a new low (or have I?) in not updating in over a year. I have all these half-written drafts that are just… half-written. And nowhere near completion anytime soon. So here’s another of those point-form overall dump-y type of updates. :’D;;

BJD: Work/Event

  • anemone has been rebranded to Ma Petite Cherie!
  • Actually achieved a very significant milestone of producing doll wigs! Only 3 styles in 4 colors and 1 size (21cm) for now but hey, it’s a really big start!
  • First time having a booth in an overseas doll convention (DollPaCa in Bangkok)! We timed it so that we could launch MPC and the wigs together
  • Went out on a leg with T to organize a doll event in Singapore: DOLLelong. It’s currently in the booth application stage. Really hoping it’ll work out!
  • Attended my first Dolpa in March this year! I was a little disappointed but it was a HTDP in Kyoto, so the scale was kinda small. I’m hoping the Tokyo ones would be much better!
  • Skipped the annual doll trip to Hong Kong in July this year due to budget constraints, unfortunately :(!
  • Decided to take on a fandom-related booth at SGDC this year (Touken Ranbu) but 4 costumes proved too much for me to handle after all. In the end, we did a no-show, oops. I learned a lot in terms of Japanese-style outfit sewing when sweatshopping the costumes though! Especially because I stupidly decided to try making them as historically accurate as possible.

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Singapore Doll Carnival 2013

Since the death of The Doll Affair (TDA) a couple of years ago, there hasn’t been any brave soul willing to venture into organising another local doll event. My best guess is that the local doll community seems too small for an event to be able to break even. However, some time back on 10 November was the inaugural Singapore Doll Carnival!

My previous experiences at doll conventions have always been just being part of the audience or even volunteered as a volunteer of TDA. However, I’ve entertained, on and off, thoughts of setting up a booth ever since I went to Dollism Plus conventions in Hong Kong. Even though it must entail a whole lot of hard work, I thought that it looked pretty fun too. The first problem was that there was no longer a local platform to do it, and the second, as well as the biggest challenge to me, was coming up with products to sell.

While I could probably throw together a costume for cosplay (if I were to work really hard), I wasn’t confident that I could produce something of good enough quality that people would be willing to shell out cash for. But of course, if I don’t try, I would never know, right? Plus, I’m probably at the peak of my interest in dolls right now. If I don’t do it now, I probably never will…

And so I did! I bit the bullet and sent in my booth application form on the last day before applications closed, lol. The booth name, anemone, was sort of thought up last minute too, so it’s a good thing that I didn’t end up regretting my choice. XD;; Inspiration came (obviously, to those who know me) from one of my favorite Larc en Ciel songs, anemone.

Anyway, so that gave me about 4 months to design the booth display and products, material sourcing and actual production. Obviously, me being me, the bulk of the work was only done in the last 2 WEEKS (seriously, self?????) before the actual event. To be fair (to myself), the designs of stuff were roughly settled in the first 2 months, except they weren’t completely finalized till October. -__-; The bulk of the materials arrived 10 days before the event and a separate package for it 2 days before, HURHUR. I think you can see what this is leading to, lololol. Yah, okay, product-wise, I didn’t get to do majority of whatever I had planned. But on hindsight, I think I was too ambitious anyway.

Continuing on, T, who was helping me with the display, and I were working literally right up to the event itself. Day and night didn’t exist anymore; either you were awake or you weren’t. ‘Erratic sleeping hours’ is a gross understatement. Anyway, we were horribly, terribly late for the event; SGDC was scheduled to start at 11AM and we only just stepped out of my house to go to the event venue at 11AM. It was at that point that Ivory, a friend and fellow booth owner, texted saying that the event got pushed back a little and doors would open at 12PM instead. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, THANK YOU KAMI-SAMA. Of course, on the way, we had to find out that tree pruning on the expressway was being carried out, resulting in slow traffic -__- And that there were 3 other events also happening at the same time at the event venue, *scape, so the car park was full. T____T In the end, we parked at Cineleisure instead. Good thing it’s not that far from *scape, and that it wasn’t raining!

We ran up lugging everything and upon entry clearance, began to set up the booth.

Dressing up the girls
Me dressing up the girls

It actually wasn’t really completed yet so we were still working on it even when the event started. ;__; Which was why the setup looked pretty sparse in the beginning hour or so.

Initial booth setup
Initial booth setup

We spent a while more making ghetto clothes hangers out of wire and figuring out a way to put up the gold photo frames that we had prepared earlier. The item tags with the prices were also ghetto-ed on the spot. XD;;;

Completed booth setup! anemone @ SGDC 2013
Completed booth setup! anemone @ SGDC 2013

This is the final booth setup! Notice the additional gold frames on the wall, clothes on the rack (display only though), item tags, and mini gold frame with the necklace on the table, LOL. I also put up the iPad with the promotional photo of Rie, as well as namecards for anemone.

The original plan was to put handbags on the ‘glass’ panel of the rack but I couldn’t make them in time. -__-;; So I substituted them with perfume bottles instead. I think they fit the overall mood and look better in the end anyway. ^^;;

Chloe and Miss Dior on the rack
Chloe and Miss Dior on the rack

The items for sale were a pearl accessory set consisting of a hairclip, necklace and bracelet, and another necklace with a coin pendant, flower lace pendant and a diamante.

Accessories for sale
Accessories for sale

And the main outfit set for sale, as modeled by my lovely girls, Rie and Ayame:

Rie: Director of anemone
Rie: Director of anemone
Ayame: anemone's store manager
Ayame: anemone’s store manager

Although I didn’t manage to do everything I had planned, I’m still happy with how it turned out. We even got third place for Best Booth Display, which was a big and pleasant surprise to top off the day. ^__^ It was hell to do up everything but I’d do it again. Here’s hoping there will be a SGDC 2014 this year! :)