OOTD: 220412 & Afternoon Tea at Arteastiq

Went out in lolita today, gasp! I think the last time I wore lolita was back in January in Japan. =__=

I met up with A and Teresa for afternoon tea at arteastiq tea lounge at Mandarin Gallery. I really like all of our outfits today because we look so old-school, LOL. A and I were wearing old-school Moitie and Teresa in classic Mary Magdalene and Innocent World. ♥ It really reminded me of why I was attracted to the style in the first place.

No pictures of the others because I feel strange posting their outfits here without permission but here, have mine instead!

Old-school gothic lolita!

Blouse, JSK, headdress, socks: Moi meme Moitie
Shoes: Metamorphose

The lighting was crap so you can’t really see the flocky print on the JSK but it’s the Rozenkreuz JSK in black that I got in Japan back during the January trip. The socks I’m wearing are matching Rose Cross socks with the same print on the back. You can’t see the print in the picture here though ^^;;

If you find my hair color extremely different from what you remember, it’s because I just went for coloring again a few days back! The lighting made it look terribly yellow but it’s really more of a light caramel brown in real life:

Liking this hair color a lot!

It was my first time at arteastiq today! I had the French Rose tea set and Autumn Beef sandwich. The latter was really yummy; I really like the beef, cheese and tomato combination.

French Rose tea & Autumn Beef

I had the French Rose tea because I missed the taste of the Diana Rose tea I had at Swallowtail butler cafe. It wasn’t as fragrant as Diana Rose but it was still pleasant. I’ll probably try something else the next time I go back, though.

French Rose tea

OOTD: 111111 & Miku Party @ AFA 2011!

Today was a terribly fun day. Like, terrible and fun at the same time. orz Where do I start?

So, Teresa and I were supposed to be attending the Hatsune Miku Party live concert this evening at 7PM and we headed out about an hour earlier. Sure, maybe we were cutting it a bit close but hey, SG is a small country and it just takes approximately half an hour to travel to Suntec City Convention Centre from my place, so it should be okay, right? Right?

WRONG. T___T We got caught in a traffic jam in the city area and it took us one freakin’ hour to travel the last 2.5km to the convention halls. ;____; We arrived at the convention centre at about 7.25PM and literally ran to the hall in our heels.

I’m not sure what we missed in the first half an hour but seems like there wasn’t any Magnet, Just Be Friends nor Roshin Yuukai, so I guess we didn’t miss much. I heard from a friend that the set list was pretty similar to the one held in Sapporo earlier this year. Anyway, We arrived just in time to hear Eh, Aa Sou? and then Luka made her appearance with my personal highlight of the concert: RIP=RELEASE. ♥♥♥ We went quite mad during that, Migikata no Chou and Iroha Uta. XDD

It was really enjoyable and I wouldn’t mind attending again next year if they hold another one! :D

Ending the post with my outfit for 111111:

Outfit for MikuPa 11/11/11!

Cardigan, bag, wristlets: Angelic Pretty
Skirt, socks: Emily Temple cute
Beret: Heart E

I don’t know why I look so sad. Maybe I was sad that the live had ended, LOL. My hair kinda died after dying in the heat and screaming and jumping in the hall, so here’s a close-up in the car before all the abovementioned:

Hair & makeup close-up!

I really like my hair today! Especially the fluffy bangs :3

OOTD 23072011

Met with the girls today at Chris Tea House for a quick lolita and dollie meet!

I don’t know if I was having overly high expectations before I went but in all honesty, I left rather disappointed. I mean, the decor was nice but they have a No Photography rule, so guests can’t take pictures. I don’t really mind except it wasn’t stated in their Facebook page, so it came unexpected when we went there assuming that we’d be able to snap a few casual shots of ourselves and the dolls.

Second, I think there was some confusion over our food orders. I’m usually quite okay with such things because I understand that it can be quite hard to get every detail right when it’s a fairly large group of people, but not everyone is as forgiving. ^^;; Hungry people are angry people. The scones were good though!

Anyway, despite the No Photography rule, I wasn’t quite the law-abiding citizen and sneaked a couple of photographs anyway, lol.

23 July 2011 @ Chris Tea-house
Image courtesy of Ivoryfox

OP: Mille Fleurs
Headdress: Moi meme Moitie
Choker: Mary Magdalene

It’s one of those times again when I can’t decide whether my outfit should fall into the gothic or classic category, lol. Anyway, I’m a bit undecided about this dress because I thought it looked far too long on me. :/ I’m happy to be able to use the MM choker at long last though, hahaha. I’ve had it for years and never found an occasion to wear it until now. Loving the tights too, it’s definitely one of my happy purchases from Taobao, hee. I wish I had worn different shoes though! But I didn’t have time to fix my Metamorphose platforms :(

And lastly, an obligatory picture of the little girls who joined us at the table today :D

L-R: Rosie, Kiki, Seibi, Shigure, Koharu

The Doll Affair 2011

As mentioned in the post earlier, I attended The Doll Affair, an annual event organised by ball jointed dolls (BJD) enthusiasts for fellow BJD enthusiasts, last Saturday. The event was held at the Singapore Conference Hall this year, as opposed to Suntec City Convention Halls where it was held in previous years.

The number of booths this year seems fewer than previous years’ but I can’t be sure since I didn’t exactly count. ^^; After all, the larger venue area could be a reason why it felt that way to me. There was a very spacious resting/mingling area for attendees where they were able to sit and chat too.

Okay, less talk, more pictures!

My friends' booth, Clockwork Forest!

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