OOTD 23072011

Met with the girls today at Chris Tea House for a quick lolita and dollie meet!

I don’t know if I was having overly high expectations before I went but in all honesty, I left rather disappointed. I mean, the decor was nice but they have a No Photography rule, so guests can’t take pictures. I don’t really mind except it wasn’t stated in their Facebook page, so it came unexpected when we went there assuming that we’d be able to snap a few casual shots of ourselves and the dolls.

Second, I think there was some confusion over our food orders. I’m usually quite okay with such things because I understand that it can be quite hard to get every detail right when it’s a fairly large group of people, but not everyone is as forgiving. ^^;; Hungry people are angry people. The scones were good though!

Anyway, despite the No Photography rule, I wasn’t quite the law-abiding citizen and sneaked a couple of photographs anyway, lol.

23 July 2011 @ Chris Tea-house
Image courtesy of Ivoryfox

OP: Mille Fleurs
Headdress: Moi meme Moitie
Choker: Mary Magdalene

It’s one of those times again when I can’t decide whether my outfit should fall into the gothic or classic category, lol. Anyway, I’m a bit undecided about this dress because I thought it looked far too long on me. :/ I’m happy to be able to use the MM choker at long last though, hahaha. I’ve had it for years and never found an occasion to wear it until now. Loving the tights too, it’s definitely one of my happy purchases from Taobao, hee. I wish I had worn different shoes though! But I didn’t have time to fix my Metamorphose platforms :(

And lastly, an obligatory picture of the little girls who joined us at the table today :D

L-R: Rosie, Kiki, Seibi, Shigure, Koharu

OOTD 16 Apr 2011

My friends and I had a small meet at a restaurant named Pocket Full of Posies at 313 Somerset on the 16th this month! The reason why we visited that restaurant is a very superficial one – they have seats with swings! We used to be very fascinated whenever we pass by and notice the swing seats at the entrance. XD

Swing seats!!
Swing seats!!
Clockwise from top left: raydance, sassystrawberry, Teresa and I

I was kinda out of outfit inspiration that day and my lack of footwear options resulted in me wearing the Angelic Pretty Okashi no Kuni skirt (through elimination process… since I only have pink loli-able and serviceable shoes).

OOTD 16042011
16th April 2011

Blouse, skirt, wristlets, socks, bag (not pictured): Angelic Pretty
Everything else: Paris Kids, off-brand

And a last picture for vanity’s sake:

Vanity shot :'D

All photographs courtesy of Shu and processed by me.

Sunset Way

This photoshoot was done in February last year when I needed to beef up my portfolio. Recently, I re-visited this set of photos and re-edited all of them and I’m quite pleased with the results.

Model: Teresa L.
Photography, styling, post-processing: Jasmine K.

These were shot at a long-defunct railway track in Singapore. It was a sweltering day and I can’t imagine how my model must have felt, having to wear such clothes in such unforgiving weather! D: We started shooting later than planned due to styling delays, so even though we had planned to shoot earlier to avoid the period where it’d be really warm, we ended up in the heat anyway. >_<

Queen Envy

Another one from the Fairytale Villains shoot, this time featuring Queen Envy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?

Model, styling: SassyStrawberry
Photography, post-processing: Myself

Blouse: Mille Fleurs
Bonnet: Triple Fortune
Corset: Excentrique
Skirt (not pictured): Moi meme Moitie

Truth be spoken, I’m not 100% pleased with this one because there are so many things that could be better, especially the difference in focus between the actual person and the reflection in the mirror. Nevertheless, it seemed like such a shame to let it go to waste. Also, you can’t really tell from this picture but the sticker on the apple says ‘ENVY’! I thought it was such a cute touch! ;)

First Lolita Swap Meet in Singapore!

12 February 2011 marked the first ever lolita swap meet in Singapore! Together with Shu, Teresa and another friend, I attended the meet which was graciously hosted by Xin Yu and co-organized with Karmen.

An interest check and discussion of dates and location and updates were carried out on the local lolita interest group on Facebook and guests were requested to RSVP via Google Documents. Photographs of items that attendees intended to bring were uploaded as well, so people had a rough idea of what others would bring and so, could gauge what would be an appropriate amount of cash to bring in the case of sales. I might sound like a bit of an internet new media geek here but I must say that I really liked how the use of such free resources led to an efficient and organized planning process!

The meet was held in the attic of one of the organizers and attendees’ wares were displayed neatly on nearly every inch of the room. I bet the cost of all the items present would total to a rather alarming amount!

Perhaps due to the nature of trades (mutual interest and value agreement), it seemed like there weren’t a lot of swaps but more of buying and selling. Though the term ‘swap meet’ then becomes a little inappropriate, it’s still a convenient way that doesn’t cost money for people to offload unwanted items and acquire new pretties into their wardrobes.

The swap meet is a great idea and I do think it’ll be great to have more in the future, so long as the interval between each isn’t too short since the fashion is expensive and people are not likely to have a lot of additions to their wardrobe over a short span of time.

As for my own loot…

Stuff from the swap meet!
Angelic Pretty Okashi no Kuni skirt, Metamorphose socks, off-brand shoes and hairclip

I almost have an outfit right there already! ;)