…so. I have reached a new low (or have I?) in not updating in over a year. I have all these half-written drafts that are just… half-written. And nowhere near completion anytime soon. So here’s another of those point-form overall dump-y type of updates. :’D;;

BJD: Work/Event

  • anemone has been rebranded to Ma Petite Cherie!
  • Actually achieved a very significant milestone of producing doll wigs! Only 3 styles in 4 colors and 1 size (21cm) for now but hey, it’s a really big start!
  • First time having a booth in an overseas doll convention (DollPaCa in Bangkok)! We timed it so that we could launch MPC and the wigs together
  • Went out on a leg with T to organize a doll event in Singapore: DOLLelong. It’s currently in the booth application stage. Really hoping it’ll work out!
  • Attended my first Dolpa in March this year! I was a little disappointed but it was a HTDP in Kyoto, so the scale was kinda small. I’m hoping the Tokyo ones would be much better!
  • Skipped the annual doll trip to Hong Kong in July this year due to budget constraints, unfortunately :(!
  • Decided to take on a fandom-related booth at SGDC this year (Touken Ranbu) but 4 costumes proved too much for me to handle after all. In the end, we did a no-show, oops. I learned a lot in terms of Japanese-style outfit sewing when sweatshopping the costumes though! Especially because I stupidly decided to try making them as historically accurate as possible.

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OOTD: 211112

During the tea party with Misako, some of us heard that we would be able to collect our photographs with Misako from the next day onwards. This is what I wore that day!

Top: Ank Rouge || Skirt: Liz Lisa || Bag: Samantha Thavasa

When we went back to JRunway on this day to collect the photos, we were informed that we would be able to unofficially meet Misako for a short while. After lingering about for a while and told that she might have left already, Teresa and I decided to just leave as we didn’t want to wait anymore.

Amazingly enough, when we walked towards the exit, there Misako was having her photo taken by the Putumayo representative! *__* We sort of hung around until they were done so that we could ask if we could take pictures with her but just as we took out our phones to ask for permission, Misako noticed us and recognised me from the tea party the day before! How sweet is that?! :D The Putumayo rep then said since this is such a chance, might as well take photos together with Misako \o/

Solo shot with Aoki Misako!

She then spoke with us briefly and I thought it was really funny that she asked us if we came from work because I sure as hell don’t think that my attire is work-friendly, LOL. She also commented that we weren’t in lolita that day and then asked where our clothes were from. We managed to answer Shibuya and I wanted to tell her that we had just returned from a trip to Japan but before I could, the rest of the girls hoping to meet Misako came out. XD I didn’t manage to get a solo picture with Misako during the tea party (except the official one), so I’m glad I managed to have this picture with her! :D

We also had awesome pancakes at a Japanese cafe called Hoshino Cafe that day. The pancakes are super fluffy and thick! I’d love to return again soon. *___*

Hoshino Cafe pancake souffle!

Super nommy. We also had the French Toast but we neglected to take a photo because it was that good, lol. The French Toast gets heavy after a while though, so it’s probably better to share. The pancakes, on the other hand, are thick yet light, so I am pretty sure I can finish it by myself with no problem. :p

Formspring! + OOTD 4 Mar 2011

FrivoInd now has a Formspring!

Well, it’s more like a personal Formspring than one specially for FrivoInd but I’m the only admin here anyway. XD Feel free to ask me anything!

And to make this post slightly more fulfilling content-wise, here’s my not-very-exciting outfit for a casual dinner with some friends last Friday evening:

4th March 2011

I love that Alice in Wonderland-themed top!