OOTD 09 Feb 2011

Warning: This entry is slightly more personal than usual because it was my birthday a week ago!

I had lunch on the actual day at a lovely restaurant, Tea Cosy at Ten Thousand Angels with Teresa!

Birthday outfit @ Tea Cosy!

You can’t really see it in the photo above but I was wearing a pearl hairclip too:


The food at Tea Cosy was delicious! The mushrooms burned the roof of my mouth though, because I popped one into my mouth the moment they were served. Piping hot! The steak came with salad which is not pictured below.

L-R, row 1: Lychee Breeze, Steak & Potatoes, Baked Mushrooms
L-R, row 2: Ebony & Ivory (brownies with ice-cream), Buttery Scones

I also received very lovely gifts from friends this birthday. :)

Birthday Gifts
Shirotans from Teresa, Chocolate Banana Tart from Yun'er ♥

Thank you to the many lovely people who remembered my birthday, I appreciate every single one of them. ♥

OOTD 07 Feb 2011

This is my outfit for brunch with a friend at Privé, a bakery cafe at Marina @ Keppel Bay!

OOTD 7 Feb 2011
Outfit for brunch at Privé!

Dress, shoes, headband: Far East Plaza
Socks: Fairywish
Everything else: Hong Kong

The dress was a cheap find at Far East Plaza for only S$10 (approx. US$8)! Of course, for the price, it’s actually B goods and there are a few small flaws here and there like tiny spots and a missing button but nothing that can’t be easily rectified with a wash and a trip to Chinatown. :D

I’m a huge fan of breakfast foods, so I have to admit that I wanted to go to Privé specially for their breakfast menu. I ordered their Ultimate Breakfast which comes with toast, sausage, eggs, bacon, baked beans and greens. I had scrambled eggs the first time I was there, so I chose poached eggs this time round.

Ultimate Breakfast at Privé
Ultimate Breakfast at Privé! The white globes on the bottom right are my poached eggs!

It’s quite a lot to finish even for me (and I have a pretty large appetite IMO ← unfortunate but true), so if you have a dainty appetite, sharing with a companion is recommended. :)