10 Things About Maki!

I wrote this for a doll meme on Flickr. :D

10 Facts About Maki!

1. Contrary to what (I think that) most people (may) think, I actually fell in love with his sculpt first instead of Maki Tsuyoshi the Himitsu character. It was because I went to look up his sculpt that I knew of the manga and started reading it and subsequently fall in love with the character. So he has like twice the amount of love that any other doll could possibly get, I suppose. XD And this is why Maki is very likely to be my favorite, LOL.

2. His background and age etc is highly influenced by the manga series but has been tweaked and modified to make life less bleak for him, LOL. His job is still the Police Superintendent of Division 9 and he still looks at dead people’s brains for a living, but there’re no bad people after his life and all that to silence him. He also has family members (3 sisters, 1 brother) and he’s younger than the manga’s specified 35 years old. How much younger I haven’t actually decided yet but he’s probably around 28!

3. He is an incredibly S person, frequently making his subordinates break into cold sweat with his words when he’s angry. (“What’s wrong? You haven’t eaten that ice cream that you wanted to eat so much that you sent someone to specially get it during this period of severe manpower shortage?”)

4. He is a very strict person but has a soft spot for Rie and lets her get away with more things than other people.

5. He was in a rock band as lead vocals when he was still schooling.

6. He is very intelligent and is the youngest to be appointed Police Superintendent to date.

7. He is fluent in a few languages, including French and English.

8. He has a complex about his (lack of) height.

9. He is surrogate parent to all his siblings because their parents MIAed on them to go enjoy life in the African wilderness when they were all still young. Randomly, the female teachers of Rie and Hibiki all love Parents-Teacher Day because Maki always has to attend as their guardian.

10. He is a superb marksman and has won several competitions.

I think I kinda cheated a little on this because a few facts are adapted from the Himitsu manga but my Maki is sort of modeled after him anyway. :3

Natsumi / 夏美

This blog was originally meant to be lolita-centric but seems like it has now become pretty much doll-centric. ^^;

Anyway, eons ago, I mentioned that a little duckie joined the resin family at home. Since then, she has changed a lot with different faceup, hair and eyes! Here’s her formal introductory post that’s about 8 months late :3


Natsumi (Volks Lin) is 6 years old and baby sister to Minato (Volks Amelia boy). Her world is very simple and revolves around Minato, Maki (her idol and self-declared future husband), her anego Rie and her single priority in life, food. Yes, she’s a terrible glutton and has a blackhole for a stomach. Fortunately, she’s also blessed with an incredibly high metabolism rate and never seems to gain weight, much to Rie’s chagrin.


Minato (read: me) likes to dress her in cute clothes and put her hair into various fashionable hairstyles, so she looks like an angel most of the time. That impression lasts till the moment she speaks, i.e. ask for food. Her persistence in pestering the adults for noms is extremely impressive, albeit exasperating. Similarly, her naive self can easily be bribed just by offering her food but lately, she’s getting smarter and learning to bargain for more. :’D You know she likes you when she offers you something (small) from her junk food stash when you’re feeling down because she’ll never part with it otherwise!