First Lolita Swap Meet in Singapore!

12 February 2011 marked the first ever lolita swap meet in Singapore! Together with Shu, Teresa and another friend, I attended the meet which was graciously hosted by Xin Yu and co-organized with Karmen.

An interest check and discussion of dates and location and updates were carried out on the local lolita interest group on Facebook and guests were requested to RSVP via Google Documents. Photographs of items that attendees intended to bring were uploaded as well, so people had a rough idea of what others would bring and so, could gauge what would be an appropriate amount of cash to bring in the case of sales. I might sound like a bit of an internet new media geek here but I must say that I really liked how the use of such free resources led to an efficient and organized planning process!

The meet was held in the attic of one of the organizers and attendees’ wares were displayed neatly on nearly every inch of the room. I bet the cost of all the items present would total to a rather alarming amount!

Perhaps due to the nature of trades (mutual interest and value agreement), it seemed like there weren’t a lot of swaps but more of buying and selling. Though the term ‘swap meet’ then becomes a little inappropriate, it’s still a convenient way that doesn’t cost money for people to offload unwanted items and acquire new pretties into their wardrobes.

The swap meet is a great idea and I do think it’ll be great to have more in the future, so long as the interval between each isn’t too short since the fashion is expensive and people are not likely to have a lot of additions to their wardrobe over a short span of time.

As for my own loot…

Stuff from the swap meet!
Angelic Pretty Okashi no Kuni skirt, Metamorphose socks, off-brand shoes and hairclip

I almost have an outfit right there already! ;)

Fabric Shopping!

I made a trip down to Chinatown yesterday for some fabric shopping!

There’s this shop there that’s solely manned by an elderly lady who looks so frail that I fear for her whenever she tries to move stuff about. For some reason, her shop is the one my friend and I always go to first whenever we go fabric shopping. The variety’s so-so but her prices are really good, especially for basic cotton.

While we were there and she was getting a bolt of cloth for us to look at, the rolls of fabric actually fell off the top shelf, orz. One of them hit her half-eaten lunch (soup dish) and both cloth and lunch were ruined. ;~; I felt so bad that I bought more than I had intended there. ;;;

Total fabric loot for the day:

Fabric Loot (27 Dec 2010)
Fabric Loot. Bad photo quality, sorry!

Everything except the brown polka-dotted, duck printed and white dot tulle fabric were purchased there. 8D;;

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