Doll Wishlist

These days, I guess I’m really more in a doll phase than a lolita one, probably because I’ve gained so much weight that I don’t fit them well anymore, LOL. /fail

So anyway, this is my doll wishlist for 2013 that I put up on Flickr at the beginning of the year! :D

2013 Doll Wishlist


1. Volks Michele: I REALLY like Michele. That makes me as unique as about half the doll owners out there, I guess, but I really do. T___T She is to be Hermes’ partner in my 鏡花水月 side of the dolls, i.e. the ones with no background story and dress in ‘otherworldly’ clothes.

2. Enchanted Doll eyes in Milky #9. Or actually, this is really more a placeholder for more eyes in general, in particular gold eyes for Maki, Kazama and Hibiki. I have (unintentionally planned) a family of gold-eyed boys with the exception of Minato. :’D I shall not even bother thinking about Dollflower eyes, really, because that would just take forever.

I’m on the way to achieving part of this, hopefully, because I’ve just placed an order for Milky #9 for Maki, and ED #18 for Kazama! ED #18 is not gold but I wanted to try copper red for Kazama first. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll go back to the original plan of gold eyes for him.

3. Switch Chocolate wig in Caramel Brown in 9-10″. I managed to get the 8-9″ but it very very sadly doesn’t fit Minato, much to my utmost dismay. Sobbity sob. I would also like one in Sugar Black 9-10″ for Hibiki.


1. Volks Suiseiseki: The current top choice for my Popteen!Cute Girl. Unless I can find someone else that I like more, it’s probably going to be her.

2. Volks Maki Tsuyoshi: This is one of those If I Strike Lottery or When I Have Some Extra Cash Laying Around type of wishlist item. This is to be modded into Maki’s SWD version. ♥

There are actually a lot more things I want, of course, but they don’t exist so no images, lol. They are mainly clothes and accessories and a lot of other things for Rie.

All images belong to their respective owners – Volks, Switch, turbow@Flickr, myself.


While most of these items still remain in my wishlist, there are now even more stuff that I’d like to get. -__-;

1. Volks SDGr Belle
2. Switch HMD57 D-cup body
3. Volks Airy Wolf wig

Renewal of Shigure

Back in 2009 when I first got into the BJD hobby, my very first doll was a Leekeworld-D Bijou whom I had named Shigure. I had a lot of fun posing and taking pictures of her, and I do believe that she helped me improve my photography.

A little after 3 years now, as my doll family expanded exponentially, it became increasingly apparent that I wasn’t playing with her anymore. I still liked the doll character and name Shigure, but it was clear that I preferred playing with Natsumi my other tinies more. I deliberated over it for a while but I finally decided to put my Bijou up for sale on the DoA marketplace. There wasn’t any interest for over 2 months but at last, someone who was willing to adopt her came forward. While I’m sad to see her go, I know I would prefer that she be given more love and attention by someone else.

This remains my favorite picture of her:

Shigure (September 14, 2009)

Byebye, Bijou. >___<

This is not the end of Shigure, however!

Renewed: Shigure // December 7, 2012

Meet the new Shigure, now a Volks YoSD Kanon! ^___^ There’s nothing I can say about her besides SOOOO CUTEEEEEE. I bought her just a while before Volks announced that they would be re-releasing Neon and Kanon. While I think the price I paid was very reasonable during the period when the re-release hadn’t been announced, I’m still a little -___- over it. Never mind, at least I got her cute default ponytail wig too! …which stains, by the way. ^^; This is why I like light-colored wigs more…

I’m still pondering on who to send her to for a faceup, but more importantly, because Kanon looks a lot younger than Bijou, the planned ages among my tinies are now a little messed up, LOL. She actually looks younger than Natsumi and Midori, and that’s strange because Shigure is supposed to be the eldest! ^^;

L-R: Shigure (V Kanon), Midori (V Hinata), Natsumi (V Lin)

OOTD: 211112

During the tea party with Misako, some of us heard that we would be able to collect our photographs with Misako from the next day onwards. This is what I wore that day!

Top: Ank Rouge || Skirt: Liz Lisa || Bag: Samantha Thavasa

When we went back to JRunway on this day to collect the photos, we were informed that we would be able to unofficially meet Misako for a short while. After lingering about for a while and told that she might have left already, Teresa and I decided to just leave as we didn’t want to wait anymore.

Amazingly enough, when we walked towards the exit, there Misako was having her photo taken by the Putumayo representative! *__* We sort of hung around until they were done so that we could ask if we could take pictures with her but just as we took out our phones to ask for permission, Misako noticed us and recognised me from the tea party the day before! How sweet is that?! :D The Putumayo rep then said since this is such a chance, might as well take photos together with Misako \o/

Solo shot with Aoki Misako!

She then spoke with us briefly and I thought it was really funny that she asked us if we came from work because I sure as hell don’t think that my attire is work-friendly, LOL. She also commented that we weren’t in lolita that day and then asked where our clothes were from. We managed to answer Shibuya and I wanted to tell her that we had just returned from a trip to Japan but before I could, the rest of the girls hoping to meet Misako came out. XD I didn’t manage to get a solo picture with Misako during the tea party (except the official one), so I’m glad I managed to have this picture with her! :D

We also had awesome pancakes at a Japanese cafe called Hoshino Cafe that day. The pancakes are super fluffy and thick! I’d love to return again soon. *___*

Hoshino Cafe pancake souffle!

Super nommy. We also had the French Toast but we neglected to take a photo because it was that good, lol. The French Toast gets heavy after a while though, so it’s probably better to share. The pancakes, on the other hand, are thick yet light, so I am pretty sure I can finish it by myself with no problem. :p


Last Tuesday, Singapore saw her very first visit by a famous lolita fashion personality and reader model, the Kawaii Ambassador Aoki Misako! As part of the launch of a new Japanese brands select shop at Plaza Singapura called JRunway, a tea party with Aoki Misako as a guest was hosted.

Kawaii Ambassador and tea party guest: Aoki Misako

The tea party was limited to only 30 seats and RSVP for it was done on Facebook. As soon as I knew of it, I immediately clicked Join while consulting the rest of the girls and in the end, we all decided to go! How rare of an opportunity is this after all? Although there were some confusion over RSVP confirmations and disappointment for the latecomers, the tea party successfully took place in the patisserie chocolatier Canele in Plaza Singapura.

Registration started at 6PM while the event was to start at 6.30PM. Me being me, I only arrived at 6.30PM after a particularly eventful taxi ride involving lots of blaring horns and an uncommunicative taxi driver who thinks I’m 16 and a singer because of my outfit. Right. Anyway, the moment I entered, the first person I saw was Misako sitting in the corner waiting for the event to begin. She’s even cuter in person! ♥

The tea party started with an interview with Misako where she was asked questions such as how she coordinates her outfits and her makeup style. The Q&A was later opened to the floor and other tea party attendees asked questions like her favorite type of motifs in lolita (sweets motifs like macarons, and animal motifs like poodles and bunnies), how many outfits she has (over 100), and the types of fashion styles she wears besides lolita (otome style like Milk and Emily Temple cute). It then moved on to Misako asking the lolitas questions about Singapore and her lolita culture, such as where we usually go to for tea parties, and how we get our lolita clothes when there isn’t a lolita culture here.

After the interview, a mini lucky draw was conducted where three lucky girls whose registration numbers were called would receive an autographed copy of her photo and essay book, Aoki Misako no Kawaii Kakumei. While mine wasn’t called, Shu‘s was but she gave me her ticket instead. I’m not the most graceful individual but I managed to squeeze out while taking absolute care not to topple any plates or cups with my frills, or have my skirt dipped in chocolate and cream.

A personalised autograph from Aoki Misako!

How cute is her signature? It was my first time seeing her signature and I wasn’t expecting to see such an elaborate one for sure.

Following that was a photo session with Misako where everyone got to take individual pictures with her. I admit I was nervous hence the derpy face.

Aoki Misako & I!

The photo session shortly ended since we’re pretty much near the end of the queue and while I was engaged in a discussion with a friend about which cakes were what flavour, Misako came over to our table (which was chock full of uneaten cakes and cups of tea, by the way). When Steph offered her strawberry shortcake, she accepted it and to our surprise, a chair was pulled over by one of the staff and Misako sat at our table! Trust me when I say that I never thought this would happen. We all talked a little and found out that she only touched down in Singapore that morning. Poor girl, she must be so tired! >_< ; I know I would be grumpy beyond anything if it were me. She also asked for recommendations for places to eat local food, which wasn't supposed to be a stumper but sort of ended up being one. Seriously, if you want authentic local food, you probably have to go to the coffee shops and I don't know what to recommend anyway. XD;; When we asked which idols she likes, she said she likes AKB48, in particular KojiHaru. I wanted to tell her that Takahashi Minami came to Singapore last year but before I could, she was called away by a staff because someone from another table had questions for her. We were supposed to be eating the cakes during the interview but we barely touched it and then we had to go inside JRunway for group shots. This time round, we were allowed to use our cameras and phones if we wanted to take photos with Misako! Thus ensued lots of picture taking where Misako was the most obliging person ever. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Part of the Sparklies with Aoki Misako! (photo credit to Cher-ly)
L-R: Steph, Shu, Aoki Misako, Ivory, me, Teresa[/caption]

This is where I was dumb enough not to ask for a solo photograph with her but no matter, that was resolved the next day! :3 While others were having their photographs with her, the group of us started to have our own photo session, LOL.

Steph & I!
Ivory & Teresa nomming on giant biscuit (blinging credit to Ivory)
Group picture! ♥ (blinging credit to Ivory!)

The event overran by about half an hour, so it was about 8.30PM that the event was officially announced ended. By then, Misako was looking really tired already. >___< Even though there were logistics hiccups, I'm really glad that this tea party was organised! It's definitely one of the tea parties I enjoyed the most. :D I hope that in the future, we'll get to have others coming here too. I'd soooo love to meet Fukusawa Midori in person! *___* And this is my outfit for the tea party! I love this skirt so much. :D [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Beret, socks: Innocent World[/caption]

You can’t see it in the picture but I had clips in my hair and my socks were navy blue and wine-tipped! I forgot to bring my necklace along though. /fail

Rounding off with a group shot of everyone who attended the tea party!

Group shot by JRunway!
Everyone who attended the tea party! (photo courtesy of JRunway)

Lolita Wishlist

Somewhat in an order of Want:

Moi meme Moitie Pleats OP / プリーツOP
Year of release: 2003

Juliette et Justine Sacrifice Pour Servir Robe / サクリフィース プール セルヴィールローブ (any colorway but white preferred)
Also known as Le Eclat de Croix robe in subsequent velveteen version re-releases
Year of release: 2005

Juliette et Justine: Sacrifice Pour Servir Robe

Moi meme Moitie Rose Print mini-skirt / 薔薇プリントミニスカート (any colorway)
Year of release: 2005 S/S

Moitie: Rose Print Skirt

Moi meme Moitie Candelabra JSK (+ cape, possibly)
Year of release: 2006

Moi meme Moitie Iron Gate JSK/skirt (White)
Year of release: 2006

Innocent World Beatrice short JSK (Ivory)
Year of release: 2010

Innocent World: Beatrice JSK

Alice & the Pirates A Midsummer Night’s Dream skirt (Black)
Year of release: 2010

Innocent World Three Archangels Choir OP (Navy)
Year of release: ?

Innocent World Three Archangels Choir JSK

Angelic Pretty Vintage Doll Short-sleeved OP (White/Black)
Year of release: ?

Angelic Pretty Vintage Doll OP

Angelic Pretty Vintage Doll JSK (Black)
Year of release: ?

Angelic Pretty Vintage Doll JSK

Emily Temple cute Macaron Print NOP (Brown)
Photo credit to まぁ*Year of release: ?


Mary Magdalene Rococo Fleur JSK (Mint)
Year of release: 2007

Mary Magdalene Rococo Fleur JSK (mint)

Metamorphose Rose Thorn skirt
Year of release: ?

Innocent World: Beatrice JSK

Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House High-waist JSK (Mint) Got it! ♥

Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House (mint)

Emily Temple cute Bear Choco NOP (Ivory) Got it in mint!
Photo credit to ケイ

ベアチョコNOP (ivory)

Innocent World Beatrice skirt/short JSK (Ivory/Pink) Got the pink skirt!

Moi meme Moitie Summer Rose skirt / 夏薔薇スカート (White / Year of release: 2001)

Moitie: Summer Rose skirt

Moi meme Moitie Leather Cage skirt / 合皮鳥かご付SK (Year of release: 2004)

Moitie: Cage skirt

Pictures are copyrighted to their respective owners.