Towards the Shining Light

Towards the shining light

Like how Hibiki is looking towards the bright shining future, stay strong and hang in there, Japan. The rest of the world are with you.

On the topic of Japan, I’m sure there are better sources of information for how one can help (list of charities etc) but here’s one:

Donation to the Japanese Red Cross through Google Checkout

There are many other ways to donate right now but personally, I would rather give it right to the source.


Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph my lone rolling doll head, a yet-to-be-named Volks Okita Souji II, on a SD13 girl body that was generously lent to me by SassyStrawberry. She even lent me a beautiful dress for it! *__*

The results:

I love these shades of peach and pink!
Closer to my usual color palette of choice

I don’t think I photographed her very well since it’s really my first time properly doing so, so I haven’t exactly grasped her angles yet. I had some fun experimenting with the post-processing though! This is definitely one of my most colorful sets to date, haha. (even though it’s quite monotonous with the peaches and pinks :3;; )

In any case, my original purpose in borrowing the SD13G body was to see if I liked the proportions of the head to the body. While most, if not all, of the V Okita II girls I’ve seen were propped onto SD16 bodies, it always seems to me that the proportions looked really elongated, and it just didn’t gel with the image I want of this girl.

When I tested the head on the body, nothing really stuck out to me, except perhaps her head was a little long in comparison. This head has a pretty high forehead in my opinion, haha. Once you put the wig on, however, everything looks okay, so it’s all good! :D


Maki Tsuyoshi

I was trying to achieve some sort of brand ad shot-in-studio look with this one but I’m not sure if I succeeded… I’ll probably be trying this again another time.

And a couple of standard portraits of him wearing Teresa‘s pimp shirt, lol:

One of my personal favorites of my own work thus far :)
I think I still have much to learn about negative space! :x

I have a srs love-hate relationship with his face-up, lol. oTL

I do like the default face-up by Volks that he currently has, especially the color palette, but the lips aren’t done to my liking. :( He’s due for a new face-up in April and the artist is really good at natural face-ups (Hibiki’s is by her!), so hopefully it’ll turn out well. :D

Flicker / Rock City


Photos of Hibiki like this (or Maki) make me happy ♥ I like it when a photo gives me this feeling where I just want to keep staring at it. This happens often with pictures of beautiful guys who just look so unapproachable (okay, I sound like a perv, lol), such as Sakito (Nightmare) and Hyde (L’arc en Ciel).

rock city

These two are from an old set of photographs that I was going through the night before in a bid to delete unwanted files from my memory card which was running out of space. If I remember correctly, I was attempting low-key lighting then. Not sure if I succeeded but it was certainly fun and a learning experience. :)