OOTD: 111111 & Miku Party @ AFA 2011!

Today was a terribly fun day. Like, terrible and fun at the same time. orz Where do I start?

So, Teresa and I were supposed to be attending the Hatsune Miku Party live concert this evening at 7PM and we headed out about an hour earlier. Sure, maybe we were cutting it a bit close but hey, SG is a small country and it just takes approximately half an hour to travel to Suntec City Convention Centre from my place, so it should be okay, right? Right?

WRONG. T___T We got caught in a traffic jam in the city area and it took us one freakin’ hour to travel the last 2.5km to the convention halls. ;____; We arrived at the convention centre at about 7.25PM and literally ran to the hall in our heels.

I’m not sure what we missed in the first half an hour but seems like there wasn’t any Magnet, Just Be Friends nor Roshin Yuukai, so I guess we didn’t miss much. I heard from a friend that the set list was pretty similar to the one held in Sapporo earlier this year. Anyway, We arrived just in time to hear Eh, Aa Sou? and then Luka made her appearance with my personal highlight of the concert: RIP=RELEASE. ♥♥♥ We went quite mad during that, Migikata no Chou and Iroha Uta. XDD

It was really enjoyable and I wouldn’t mind attending again next year if they hold another one! :D

Ending the post with my outfit for 111111:

Outfit for MikuPa 11/11/11!

Cardigan, bag, wristlets: Angelic Pretty
Skirt, socks: Emily Temple cute
Beret: Heart E

I don’t know why I look so sad. Maybe I was sad that the live had ended, LOL. My hair kinda died after dying in the heat and screaming and jumping in the hall, so here’s a close-up in the car before all the abovementioned:

Hair & makeup close-up!

I really like my hair today! Especially the fluffy bangs :3

OOTD 18 June 2011

Outfit for The Doll Affair 2011, Singapore’s one and only BJD convention! :)

18 June 2011

Everything off-brand except the Emily Temple cute skirt.

I can’t draw a clear line between each and every lolita sub-genre anymore, because I’m having trouble classifying this outfit, lol. orz This is probably… classic lolita. Maybe.

Anyway, will update with TDA event photos soon! ♥

Lolita Wardrobe 2011

Did this a few days ago for the LiveJournal egl community’s January theme, which was Wardrobe Posts!

Sorry about the weird lighting in some of the pictures; it’s been raining almost non-stop for a few days and my home is really dark.

I’m in the midst of a style shift from classic to gothic and I like wearing ETC for casual/otome-kei wear AND the occasional sweet-till-idk-what-i-was-thinking stuff, so the stuff in my wardrobe end up looking rather ‘mixed’. ^^;; I don’t know how to classify what sort of loli I am because of this (I like a bit of everything!), but I think what matters more is that one wears what they like instead of sticking steadfastly to a certain style just because anyway. (of course, there’s nothing wrong if you are completely happy sticking to just one style!)

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