Singapore Doll Carnival 2013

Since the death of The Doll Affair (TDA) a couple of years ago, there hasn’t been any brave soul willing to venture into organising another local doll event. My best guess is that the local doll community seems too small for an event to be able to break even. However, some time back on 10 November was the inaugural Singapore Doll Carnival!

My previous experiences at doll conventions have always been just being part of the audience or even volunteered as a volunteer of TDA. However, I’ve entertained, on and off, thoughts of setting up a booth ever since I went to Dollism Plus conventions in Hong Kong. Even though it must entail a whole lot of hard work, I thought that it looked pretty fun too. The first problem was that there was no longer a local platform to do it, and the second, as well as the biggest challenge to me, was coming up with products to sell.

While I could probably throw together a costume for cosplay (if I were to work really hard), I wasn’t confident that I could produce something of good enough quality that people would be willing to shell out cash for. But of course, if I don’t try, I would never know, right? Plus, I’m probably at the peak of my interest in dolls right now. If I don’t do it now, I probably never will…

And so I did! I bit the bullet and sent in my booth application form on the last day before applications closed, lol. The booth name, anemone, was sort of thought up last minute too, so it’s a good thing that I didn’t end up regretting my choice. XD;; Inspiration came (obviously, to those who know me) from one of my favorite Larc en Ciel songs, anemone.

Anyway, so that gave me about 4 months to design the booth display and products, material sourcing and actual production. Obviously, me being me, the bulk of the work was only done in the last 2 WEEKS (seriously, self?????) before the actual event. To be fair (to myself), the designs of stuff were roughly settled in the first 2 months, except they weren’t completely finalized till October. -__-; The bulk of the materials arrived 10 days before the event and a separate package for it 2 days before, HURHUR. I think you can see what this is leading to, lololol. Yah, okay, product-wise, I didn’t get to do majority of whatever I had planned. But on hindsight, I think I was too ambitious anyway.

Continuing on, T, who was helping me with the display, and I were working literally right up to the event itself. Day and night didn’t exist anymore; either you were awake or you weren’t. ‘Erratic sleeping hours’ is a gross understatement. Anyway, we were horribly, terribly late for the event; SGDC was scheduled to start at 11AM and we only just stepped out of my house to go to the event venue at 11AM. It was at that point that Ivory, a friend and fellow booth owner, texted saying that the event got pushed back a little and doors would open at 12PM instead. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, THANK YOU KAMI-SAMA. Of course, on the way, we had to find out that tree pruning on the expressway was being carried out, resulting in slow traffic -__- And that there were 3 other events also happening at the same time at the event venue, *scape, so the car park was full. T____T In the end, we parked at Cineleisure instead. Good thing it’s not that far from *scape, and that it wasn’t raining!

We ran up lugging everything and upon entry clearance, began to set up the booth.

Dressing up the girls
Me dressing up the girls

It actually wasn’t really completed yet so we were still working on it even when the event started. ;__; Which was why the setup looked pretty sparse in the beginning hour or so.

Initial booth setup
Initial booth setup

We spent a while more making ghetto clothes hangers out of wire and figuring out a way to put up the gold photo frames that we had prepared earlier. The item tags with the prices were also ghetto-ed on the spot. XD;;;

Completed booth setup! anemone @ SGDC 2013
Completed booth setup! anemone @ SGDC 2013

This is the final booth setup! Notice the additional gold frames on the wall, clothes on the rack (display only though), item tags, and mini gold frame with the necklace on the table, LOL. I also put up the iPad with the promotional photo of Rie, as well as namecards for anemone.

The original plan was to put handbags on the ‘glass’ panel of the rack but I couldn’t make them in time. -__-;; So I substituted them with perfume bottles instead. I think they fit the overall mood and look better in the end anyway. ^^;;

Chloe and Miss Dior on the rack
Chloe and Miss Dior on the rack

The items for sale were a pearl accessory set consisting of a hairclip, necklace and bracelet, and another necklace with a coin pendant, flower lace pendant and a diamante.

Accessories for sale
Accessories for sale

And the main outfit set for sale, as modeled by my lovely girls, Rie and Ayame:

Rie: Director of anemone
Rie: Director of anemone
Ayame: anemone's store manager
Ayame: anemone’s store manager

Although I didn’t manage to do everything I had planned, I’m still happy with how it turned out. We even got third place for Best Booth Display, which was a big and pleasant surprise to top off the day. ^__^ It was hell to do up everything but I’d do it again. Here’s hoping there will be a SGDC 2014 this year! :)


Last Tuesday, Singapore saw her very first visit by a famous lolita fashion personality and reader model, the Kawaii Ambassador Aoki Misako! As part of the launch of a new Japanese brands select shop at Plaza Singapura called JRunway, a tea party with Aoki Misako as a guest was hosted.

Kawaii Ambassador and tea party guest: Aoki Misako

The tea party was limited to only 30 seats and RSVP for it was done on Facebook. As soon as I knew of it, I immediately clicked Join while consulting the rest of the girls and in the end, we all decided to go! How rare of an opportunity is this after all? Although there were some confusion over RSVP confirmations and disappointment for the latecomers, the tea party successfully took place in the patisserie chocolatier Canele in Plaza Singapura.

Registration started at 6PM while the event was to start at 6.30PM. Me being me, I only arrived at 6.30PM after a particularly eventful taxi ride involving lots of blaring horns and an uncommunicative taxi driver who thinks I’m 16 and a singer because of my outfit. Right. Anyway, the moment I entered, the first person I saw was Misako sitting in the corner waiting for the event to begin. She’s even cuter in person! ♥

The tea party started with an interview with Misako where she was asked questions such as how she coordinates her outfits and her makeup style. The Q&A was later opened to the floor and other tea party attendees asked questions like her favorite type of motifs in lolita (sweets motifs like macarons, and animal motifs like poodles and bunnies), how many outfits she has (over 100), and the types of fashion styles she wears besides lolita (otome style like Milk and Emily Temple cute). It then moved on to Misako asking the lolitas questions about Singapore and her lolita culture, such as where we usually go to for tea parties, and how we get our lolita clothes when there isn’t a lolita culture here.

After the interview, a mini lucky draw was conducted where three lucky girls whose registration numbers were called would receive an autographed copy of her photo and essay book, Aoki Misako no Kawaii Kakumei. While mine wasn’t called, Shu‘s was but she gave me her ticket instead. I’m not the most graceful individual but I managed to squeeze out while taking absolute care not to topple any plates or cups with my frills, or have my skirt dipped in chocolate and cream.

A personalised autograph from Aoki Misako!

How cute is her signature? It was my first time seeing her signature and I wasn’t expecting to see such an elaborate one for sure.

Following that was a photo session with Misako where everyone got to take individual pictures with her. I admit I was nervous hence the derpy face.

Aoki Misako & I!

The photo session shortly ended since we’re pretty much near the end of the queue and while I was engaged in a discussion with a friend about which cakes were what flavour, Misako came over to our table (which was chock full of uneaten cakes and cups of tea, by the way). When Steph offered her strawberry shortcake, she accepted it and to our surprise, a chair was pulled over by one of the staff and Misako sat at our table! Trust me when I say that I never thought this would happen. We all talked a little and found out that she only touched down in Singapore that morning. Poor girl, she must be so tired! >_< ; I know I would be grumpy beyond anything if it were me. She also asked for recommendations for places to eat local food, which wasn't supposed to be a stumper but sort of ended up being one. Seriously, if you want authentic local food, you probably have to go to the coffee shops and I don't know what to recommend anyway. XD;; When we asked which idols she likes, she said she likes AKB48, in particular KojiHaru. I wanted to tell her that Takahashi Minami came to Singapore last year but before I could, she was called away by a staff because someone from another table had questions for her. We were supposed to be eating the cakes during the interview but we barely touched it and then we had to go inside JRunway for group shots. This time round, we were allowed to use our cameras and phones if we wanted to take photos with Misako! Thus ensued lots of picture taking where Misako was the most obliging person ever. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Part of the Sparklies with Aoki Misako! (photo credit to Cher-ly)
L-R: Steph, Shu, Aoki Misako, Ivory, me, Teresa[/caption]

This is where I was dumb enough not to ask for a solo photograph with her but no matter, that was resolved the next day! :3 While others were having their photographs with her, the group of us started to have our own photo session, LOL.

Steph & I!
Ivory & Teresa nomming on giant biscuit (blinging credit to Ivory)
Group picture! ♥ (blinging credit to Ivory!)

The event overran by about half an hour, so it was about 8.30PM that the event was officially announced ended. By then, Misako was looking really tired already. >___< Even though there were logistics hiccups, I'm really glad that this tea party was organised! It's definitely one of the tea parties I enjoyed the most. :D I hope that in the future, we'll get to have others coming here too. I'd soooo love to meet Fukusawa Midori in person! *___* And this is my outfit for the tea party! I love this skirt so much. :D [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Beret, socks: Innocent World[/caption]

You can’t see it in the picture but I had clips in my hair and my socks were navy blue and wine-tipped! I forgot to bring my necklace along though. /fail

Rounding off with a group shot of everyone who attended the tea party!

Group shot by JRunway!
Everyone who attended the tea party! (photo courtesy of JRunway)

The Doll Affair 2011

As mentioned in the post earlier, I attended The Doll Affair, an annual event organised by ball jointed dolls (BJD) enthusiasts for fellow BJD enthusiasts, last Saturday. The event was held at the Singapore Conference Hall this year, as opposed to Suntec City Convention Halls where it was held in previous years.

The number of booths this year seems fewer than previous years’ but I can’t be sure since I didn’t exactly count. ^^; After all, the larger venue area could be a reason why it felt that way to me. There was a very spacious resting/mingling area for attendees where they were able to sit and chat too.

Okay, less talk, more pictures!

My friends' booth, Clockwork Forest!

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First Lolita Swap Meet in Singapore!

12 February 2011 marked the first ever lolita swap meet in Singapore! Together with Shu, Teresa and another friend, I attended the meet which was graciously hosted by Xin Yu and co-organized with Karmen.

An interest check and discussion of dates and location and updates were carried out on the local lolita interest group on Facebook and guests were requested to RSVP via Google Documents. Photographs of items that attendees intended to bring were uploaded as well, so people had a rough idea of what others would bring and so, could gauge what would be an appropriate amount of cash to bring in the case of sales. I might sound like a bit of an internet new media geek here but I must say that I really liked how the use of such free resources led to an efficient and organized planning process!

The meet was held in the attic of one of the organizers and attendees’ wares were displayed neatly on nearly every inch of the room. I bet the cost of all the items present would total to a rather alarming amount!

Perhaps due to the nature of trades (mutual interest and value agreement), it seemed like there weren’t a lot of swaps but more of buying and selling. Though the term ‘swap meet’ then becomes a little inappropriate, it’s still a convenient way that doesn’t cost money for people to offload unwanted items and acquire new pretties into their wardrobes.

The swap meet is a great idea and I do think it’ll be great to have more in the future, so long as the interval between each isn’t too short since the fashion is expensive and people are not likely to have a lot of additions to their wardrobe over a short span of time.

As for my own loot…

Stuff from the swap meet!
Angelic Pretty Okashi no Kuni skirt, Metamorphose socks, off-brand shoes and hairclip

I almost have an outfit right there already! ;)