I really thought I posted these already but apparently I didn’t. >__< ;;

These photos were taken back in March, when my Taobao order arrived. They were taken using a 85mm f/1.8 lens that I borrowed from a friend, and I really love the results! It’s so sharp and amazingly clear. I’d love to get one for myself when I have some extra monies to spare. ;_;

I really like this wig on her, out of all the wigs I’ve bought for Rie so far (and I do think I’ve purchased quite a few!), this looks and fits the best on her. It’s just that I think there’s a small manufacturing error so the side locks aren’t very even. Also, the side locks kinda gape a bit from her face so I think it’s meant for a larger head (like most of the female Volks SDs), but the wig cap itself fits just nice on Rie. -_-; Hence my conviction that there must be some manufacturing error here, lol. I wouldn’t mind purchasing another one except I don’t see this style being sold anymore. orz

I also arranged her hair into a cat ears-like style to match her dress! It seems like a pretty popular hairstyle since it has been featured in the Japanese fashion magazines a lot recently. ^^

pink flower

These pictures are from last week’s shoot but I only found the time to post them here now. ||orz

I love her expression here but the photo quality is a bit of a letdown! :(
Looks like a crop of the first photo but it really isn't! XD
I really just love this lens so much :'D

I think I’m really very rusty with both the camera and dolls in general. Not a surprise since I’ve really not touched either in a fairly long time but still feel rather meh about it. :| However, I have to say that I really am loving the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 so much! I’m so glad that I finally bought a copy for myself. :D

Sunset Way

This photoshoot was done in February last year when I needed to beef up my portfolio. Recently, I re-visited this set of photos and re-edited all of them and I’m quite pleased with the results.

Model: Teresa L.
Photography, styling, post-processing: Jasmine K.

These were shot at a long-defunct railway track in Singapore. It was a sweltering day and I can’t imagine how my model must have felt, having to wear such clothes in such unforgiving weather! D: We started shooting later than planned due to styling delays, so even though we had planned to shoot earlier to avoid the period where it’d be really warm, we ended up in the heat anyway. >_<

Queen Envy

Another one from the Fairytale Villains shoot, this time featuring Queen Envy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?

Model, styling: SassyStrawberry
Photography, post-processing: Myself

Blouse: Mille Fleurs
Bonnet: Triple Fortune
Corset: Excentrique
Skirt (not pictured): Moi meme Moitie

Truth be spoken, I’m not 100% pleased with this one because there are so many things that could be better, especially the difference in focus between the actual person and the reflection in the mirror. Nevertheless, it seemed like such a shame to let it go to waste. Also, you can’t really tell from this picture but the sticker on the apple says ‘ENVY’! I thought it was such a cute touch! ;)

The Better To Eat You With, My Dear!

From the Fairytale Villains photoshoot with the girls last August:

Who's the big bad wolf now?

This has to be one of my favorite shots from the photoshoot but for some reason, I couldn’t seem to post-process it properly at that point in time. A couple of nights ago saw me re-visiting it and this is the result. I think I do like it quite a bit!

Ero-lolita is so hard to grasp but I think this outfit was done really well. Props to the model for her tasteful styling!