I really thought I posted these already but apparently I didn’t. >__< ;;

These photos were taken back in March, when my Taobao order arrived. They were taken using a 85mm f/1.8 lens that I borrowed from a friend, and I really love the results! It’s so sharp and amazingly clear. I’d love to get one for myself when I have some extra monies to spare. ;_;

I really like this wig on her, out of all the wigs I’ve bought for Rie so far (and I do think I’ve purchased quite a few!), this looks and fits the best on her. It’s just that I think there’s a small manufacturing error so the side locks aren’t very even. Also, the side locks kinda gape a bit from her face so I think it’s meant for a larger head (like most of the female Volks SDs), but the wig cap itself fits just nice on Rie. -_-; Hence my conviction that there must be some manufacturing error here, lol. I wouldn’t mind purchasing another one except I don’t see this style being sold anymore. orz

I also arranged her hair into a cat ears-like style to match her dress! It seems like a pretty popular hairstyle since it has been featured in the Japanese fashion magazines a lot recently. ^^

pink flower

These pictures are from last week’s shoot but I only found the time to post them here now. ||orz

I love her expression here but the photo quality is a bit of a letdown! :(
Looks like a crop of the first photo but it really isn't! XD
I really just love this lens so much :'D

I think I’m really very rusty with both the camera and dolls in general. Not a surprise since I’ve really not touched either in a fairly long time but still feel rather meh about it. :| However, I have to say that I really am loving the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 so much! I’m so glad that I finally bought a copy for myself. :D

Welcome Home, Kanae! ♥

Kanae came home yesterday from her new face-up! I’ll let pictures do the talking. ♥

Her face-up is actually pinker in real life but because my lamp gives off a strong orange light, I had to do some color correction.

Anyway, words really can’t express how pleased I am with her face-up! I was sure that Volks Okita II would make a wonderful girl, which was why I got her but I have to admit that even so, the outcome really exceeded my expectations. ^___^

s e c r e t

Teresa‘s lovely InfinitiDoll SID13 girl body arrived a while ago! Curious ol’ me demanded that she bring it over for me to ogle at and let Kanae try it.

s e c r e t
secret II

The body is really nice and sexy, but unfortunately, it seems like Kanae’s head is just a tad too big for the proportions to be balanced. I suppose this means she really is stuck with her SD13 body. Perhaps if I send it for blushing, it’ll look sexier. XD