First Faceup Attempt(s)

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing BJD face-ups for the longest time ever but due to various reasons like time constraint and lack of proper equipment etc, never got around to it. However, my recent circumstances finally allowed me the time to try doing it.

What I used:

In clockwise direction: MSC, Derwent watercolor pencils, brushes, eraser, Volks Zoukeimura pastels, Tamiya acrylic clear gloss X-22

Before I started, I did the typical homework, like filling up (someone else’s) face-up form just so I have a clearer idea of what I wanted to do. I wanted an ‘ethereal, soft, gentle, lady-like’ air to my girl.

Attempt #1:

Volks SWD School A (NS)

Well, okay, so that isn’t quite what I had in mind. Too many wrong things about this faceup, like how the double eyelid crease got hidden by too-thick liner, her eyelids are too flat, the eyeshadow color is too orange, the eyebrows are hideous… I think I could go on forever. I had a lot of trouble attaching her upper eyelashes too, mostly because the only falsies I had on hand were meant for human wear and the slits for her eyes are too thin for me to be able to attach them properly.

I did, however, like the lips somewhat. Even if they look too pursed for my liking. The blushing also looked pretty natural, if a bit too peachy for an ethereal lady.

I also learned that a single thin coat of gloss isn’t really that glossy.

A few days later, I removed the face-up and went ahead with Attempt #2. I referenced lots of pictures and other artists’ face-ups for eyebrows and lower lashes. I also looked at face-ups of other sleeping dolls to see how the eyeshadow should look like.

Attempt #2:

Volks SWD School A (NS)

Much better, I would say! Her eyeshadow looks less flat, you can see her eyelid crease, the eyebrows and lashes aren’t an ugly yellow-ginger mix, she looks more the mild-mannered lady due to less of a cat-tail for the eyeliner, and she is generally pinker and fairer. Her lips are also more defined and less pursed.

I haven’t attached upper lashes for her as I’m planning to order some doll-sized ones but for now, I’m actually pretty pleased with the result. ^^ One thing, though, is that I’ve realized my set of pastels are pretty limited and the colors are too warm for my liking. I might invest in another set of pastels soon.

For now, please meet Kotoha/琴葉, otherwise known affectionately as Hermes, the newest addition to the (alarmingly) growing resin family at home. (*^^*)v