Samantha Thavasa Halloween Happy Packs!

Samantha Thavasa Singapore held a Halloween happy pack event yesterday! I first heard about this event via a colleague’s blog, upon which, I immediately pinged the girls about it. XD Plans were, of course, subsequently arranged to head down in the morning on the actual happy pack day, no surprises there. ;D

In the morning before store opening!

Ion was certainly still really dark at 9AM. ^^; More importantly, we were first in the queue with zero competition! I had to work on that day, so I couldn’t queue with the rest but I did reach the store in the morning too. Had to leave in about 10 minutes though, so I’m not sure what happened after that. :(

So, loot pics! These are from my pack:

My happy pack's contents! ♥

I’m super in love with the bag!! To me, one of Samantha Thavasa’s signature looks has to be the heart quilting, so I am really glad to have gotten something with that. ♥ I’ve also been hankering after a black handbag (been eyeing something from Samantha Vega, ehehe), so this is just perfect. It’s a SamTha x Disney collection, so there are tiny Disney-fied details, such as the bag charm and inner lining.

Bag charm!
Inner lining!

The wallet and pass case are from the collaboration with Liberty Print. I’m not very keen on long wallets so I traded that for a scrunchie and key-holder. The scrunchie is a really big fluffball which looks really dubious on its own, so I turned it into a bag charm instead.

On my Snidel e-mook supplement bag!

I think that works so much better. XD

Fabric Shopping!

I made a trip down to Chinatown yesterday for some fabric shopping!

There’s this shop there that’s solely manned by an elderly lady who looks so frail that I fear for her whenever she tries to move stuff about. For some reason, her shop is the one my friend and I always go to first whenever we go fabric shopping. The variety’s so-so but her prices are really good, especially for basic cotton.

While we were there and she was getting a bolt of cloth for us to look at, the rolls of fabric actually fell off the top shelf, orz. One of them hit her half-eaten lunch (soup dish) and both cloth and lunch were ruined. ;~; I felt so bad that I bought more than I had intended there. ;;;

Total fabric loot for the day:

Fabric Loot (27 Dec 2010)
Fabric Loot. Bad photo quality, sorry!

Everything except the brown polka-dotted, duck printed and white dot tulle fabric were purchased there. 8D;;

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